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Broken In

I am from Hyderabad, I am using a lan connection from Bharati telecom with a speed of 64 Kbps(Unlimited) which gives me a download speed of around 7-8 KBps. paying Rs 500 per Month.

I am planning to upgrade my connection to BSNL Dataone Home UL plan with the following details

Bandwidth - 256 Kbps
Monthly Charges - Rs.900
Download/Upload Limit (GB) per month - Unlimited
Security Deposit - 1 month rental

Telephone Rental per month, Free Calls & MCU charges per pulse shall be as per existing plan of the custome

Modem costs 1200 Bucks to purchase or 100 bucks per month as rent with 500 as security deposit

pls suggest me about this and tell ur experience if anyone of u are using dataone



Choto Cheeta

hmm... how can u miss a threde like this??

**Post all your BSNL Dataone Related Queries Here**

so many of us use and so many problem and good reply... every thing is there... just spend few hours with that threde... u will get all of the answer... almost every problem that can or have come up with DataOne is, answered there... just search a little... it was right infront of u... :)

hope this helps... :)


i upgraded my acc from h500 to am experiencing little distrupted browsing was not like my old h500. but download speed maintains the same.
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