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browsing net using mobile

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hi ,, i wants to know if i connect my mobile with my computer to surf the internet,wheather i be able to receive the the call or not and while surfing if one calls me what he listens a call waiting message or he listen a proper ring:p

i have sony ericson mobile phone
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Re: browsing on net using mobile

You will be able to recieve call on most of the cells even wen u r connected to net........but u can post the name of ur cell and someone using it here will confirm it.......


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yea, but it is a hit or miss.....
according to my experience when u r downloading somthing{using the complete speed available} then there are 80% chances u miss the call! and when u r surfing or chatting then u will probably get the call! but u can always place the call!!!!


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Usually yes.. thats what the operator says but practically no.. people calling you usually will get the busy tone.. experienced with airtel mobile office.. better to take another sim for browsing or go for data cards!


I completely agree with MasterMinds and Kaushik. Even I face the same problem while browsing. I use a Cellone connection.


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It depends upon the service provider rather than the cell phone itself. All phones can receive calls even when GPRS is active, but the service provider sometimes give a busy tone to the person who is calling you.


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:( It is always BETTER to take another Sim card of rur regular phone use..

I have been using Vodaphone Net connection in my Nokia 6682 for the past 1 week ..But my friends used to tell me always that they get the message " Not Unreachable "..!!:eek::mad:..even I am not getting SMS too.., can u beleive that when i am Online with my phone..
Hence , now I am plann to take another Sim card + a Cheap Mobile Phone--may be some 500 Rs one or a 1000 Rupee..!! :rolleyes:;)

I would like to go for DAta Cards, but I need UNLIMITED Connecti all the time for which the RElaince , TATAIndicom etc etc charge Exhorbitanly--!! 1300 to 1500 Monthly !!!:eek::eek: Now tats really too much, right !!! ....
though the DataCards provide you an average speed of 13 to 14 KBPs which is good when compared to GPRS speed of 5 to 6 KBPS..I dont have that much money to pay to these GREEDY INDIAN MULTINATIONALS , however...So i will stick on to my poor Mobile GPrs connection..:(...Hope BSNL will reduce their GSM Data Card which they recently launced at Chennai for a whooping 3330 Rs ..but then |Relaince charge is less then--2800 for the Card alone..
Confused really confused !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....So My Dear TABISH--Please get or Buy A NEW MOBILE AND A NEW SIM CARD , if you still want to go for MOBILE GPRS..!!! otherwise u will be MISSING UR FRIENDS CALLS as well as SMS, which will prove costly in the long run..!!! ALL the best , yaar..


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I receive all calls and smses on airtel mobile office evn whn i m downloading at 25 KBps+ :neutral:

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The calls are missed when you are into heavy downloading.
And as said above, it's hit or miss, sometimes even while heavy downloading you can get a call.
I am a Airtel GPRS user and have experienced the above.


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but edge gives u more speed 20-25KBps

and i almost receive every sms when connected
20 to 25 KBps i dont believe it..even my nokia 6681 is an Edge enabled Class 10...But the maximum i get is 7 KBPs..mine is VodapHone...wchc network provider u have:confused:
some one other have told that its a hit or miss chance--tats right too..ydy i got an sms while my cell was connected but anther sms which ws send to me ydy night time i got it today even 3 hrs after i i switched off my net connection.. and also i too got a call ydy frm one of my frds0--but the majority of calls wnt cme..
but still its better to got fot a 2nd mobile..
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