1. Artemis

    Need advice on speakers under 6k

    My friend is planning to buy a set of speakers under 6k. His main usage will be for Music primarily. Bass should be tight and not boomy and treble being sparkly as he listens to Rock mostly. Please suggest a few models. He doesn't own any amp. Thanks in advance.
  2. @

    Motivational / Inspirational audios ?

    Seen many scenes in (Hollywood) TV serials / movies, people listening to such motivational / inspirational audios. Anyone here listens them ? Can anyone here suggest me the same ? Audios especially dedicated for students...
  3. T

    browsing net using mobile

    hi ,, i wants to know if i connect my mobile with my computer to surf the internet,wheather i be able to receive the the call or not and while surfing if one calls me what he listens a call waiting message or he listen a proper ring:p i have sony ericson mobile phone
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