1. Vyom

    Mirror's Edge Catalyst [Closed Beta Registration Open]

    Loved this game in its original form. And now the reboot, Mirror's Edge Catalyst is about to set foot this year. But the game have released for closed beta. And I have registered for that. Below is the trailer, screenshot and then some links: Trailer...
  2. pkkumarcool

    {HELP) Sbi debit card,3d secure and otp

    Hey guys i just got my new bank account.I got sbi visa debit card.I registered my fathers mobile no. for the account.My father already have sbi mastero card atm registered with the same no. the mastero card work perfectly for transaction and is 3d secure ready.But when i try to register my new...
  3. jatt

    Please help to install windows on laptop

    Hi frnds, Happy new year, Please help i purchased laptop with registered windows and a sticker on the back of this laptpop,but now i want to format whole hardisk and want to clean install regional registered windows 7 how can i do that,because there is no option for to fill serial key in if i...
  4. srkmish

    How does Nokia get away with crap like Asha Phones?

    I tried a Nokia 305 today which belongs to my sister. The touchscreen is outright horrible. When you are swiping left to right, touches are accidentally registered and you have to press the back button to force close the app. Also, there is a highly noticeable lag while switching screens. Also...
  5. H

    Sony registers The Last of Us 2 & 3 domains, The Order: 1886 speculation resumes

    Sony registers The Last of Us 2 & 3 domains, The Order: 1886 speculation resumes | VG247
  6. H

    EA implies Battlefield 13 - 20 are coming through domain name registration

    Electronic Arts registers domains for Battlefield 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20 - Fusible
  7. T

    How much does one make from websites such as TDF?

    Yup, after visiting endless forums on the web, I ask this to myself , how much does one make from these? Does the revenue come from advertising? I don't see any ads after I registered here. If your website gets traffic, would that convert into money?
  8. H

    IMEI number

    I have lost my galaxy note. I am unable to find box or invoice so can't able to locate IMEI number. I had my Samsung account registered on phone as well as Google account. Is there any way I can get IMEI number of my phone?
  9. C

    What is the price I can get?

    Please tell me the approx amount I can sell my pc for... Config- Pentium D 2.00GHz Msi 945GCM7-L 1 GB DDR2 kingston 800MHz 160 GB HDD SATA 2 XFX ATI READON HD 4360 frontech cabinet and power supply frontech stereo speakers, keyboard and mouse Samsung B1930 19" lcd HD...
  10. krishnandu.sarkar

    Govt disconnects 51,000 telephone connections for pesky calls

    Source : Govt disconnects 51,000 telephone connections for pesky calls | News Top Night Business Line : Industry & Economy / Marketing : 51,000 phone connections disconnected for pesky calls
  11. S

    'MICROSOFT.ACE.OLEDB.12.0' not registered

    Hi, I m using using Ms Access 2010 as backend for my application created in Ms Visual Studio C# 2010. When trying to access the data from backend it shows the error I tried installing Access database engine but, same error. I am using Office 2010 32-bit on win 7 home basic 64-bit, is...
  12. aaruni

    [SOLVED]TabCtl32.ocx is missing

    Hey guys, i have downloaded a trainer for GTA SA and it gives me the following error: Component 'TabCtl32.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or is invalid. need some help.
  13. N

    100bestbuy site.

    Hi I wanted to know if site is good one or fake?. I did a whois on the site name and it is registered by a proxy and last it is registered by GoDaddy? I am confused as to its authenticity? Thanks
  14. G

    Pre ordered the Nokia Lumia 800 !

    I just preordered a Nokia Lumia 800 ! Very excited for this handset.. I love Windows Phone but needed some good hardware. Finally with the Lumia 800 i can have best of both worlds. I registered my preorder online over here : Book the new Nokia Lumia 800
  15. iinfi

    transfer vehicle from one state to other - suggestion needed

    hi all ... i need some help here... i want to bring my bike which is registered in Navi Mumbai (Maharashtra) to Bangalore for my use... its registered in my name.. do i need to change the registration from MH to KA? or can i ride it here with MH registration by paying just the road tax...
  16. @

    Starting a needed

    Hi all, I am starting a new forum [nope, it is not related to Tech :P ] -I registered my domain with BigRock, but I am unable to find settings create sub domains. Any BigRock users here ? [will contact their support soon] -say I have registered should be hosted on a...
  17. A

    pc components store oners in lami road registered with TDF

    Are there any store owners from lami road who are selling pc components registered with TDF if yes plz reply i have 2 buy components worth 60,000+
  18. reddick

    Lappy frm Abroad - Warranty Issues

    My uncle has send me a new 'ACER Aspire 5336-2634 series' frm US. I wana knw how can I gt it's warranty benefits here as he didn't send me any bill or any document regarding it :/ But whn I try to register d product on Acer's website,it shows tht d product has been already registered. It may b...
  19. nims11

    Broadband problem-in urgent need of advice

    Hello guys i m in desperate need of advice. I live in ranchi. My bsnl landline went dead after heavy rain. After 2 days a man came nd cured the line. The phone was then working fine but my broadband wasnt. I registered a complaint regarding this but they closed down the complaint case without...
  20. rajat22


    Whenever I want to install Virtual CD 10.1 I am getting 'VCD V10 object access denied' error. I am a registered user of Virtual CD. Any solve??
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