1. G

    best smartphone under 30K !!!!!

    guyz m looking for best smartphone under 30k.....switching from xperia z ...... not interested in one plus 2 and moto g style....(as my other frnds has tht) priorities ... 1) awsm display must* 2) fast ( no lagg or hang) 3) camera....(not like professional bt should be better than xperia z) 4)...
  2. V

    required a cpu within 7k-8k

    guys i need a suggestion for a cpu thts is proccy + mobo + ram within 7k-8k. since i hv psu with a 400watt smps plz provide suggestion keeping in mind tht smps.. also the basic purpose will some office work as well as movie watching and stuff.... but no gaming. also the pc will be running 24...
  3. axelzdly1

    Please suggest me a good over-ear/headphones (non IEMs)...!

    Guys, i bought a TV recently with the suggestions given by the members of this forum, and it was a huge success.It seems tht i can depend on u guys for deciding tech stuff..thank u! I need a good over-ear/cans/full head gear for a budget of 2k..I will be using it with a Sony Walkman E363...
  4. mikeyaxe

    Help Issue with Mobo or processor or Cooler..? Confused !!

    hey guys..having problems yet again with my brand new computer.. had the same problem where in my computer on starting up, swithes off automatically without evn hving the time to go into bios, its just switches on and off in a cycle, and happens so untill u switch off the power supply.. had this...
  5. Adibaba

    Buying Phone for 25k

    guys plz suggest phones for 25k or the ones tht going to b launched
  6. D

    enabling wifi connection on vmware

    hey I koe tht VMnet0 has to be enabled fr enabling bridge connection fr vmware, bt tht option is not visible to me. I am using vmware 3.1.4 any help in this regard would be great
  7. ashintomson

    installed a new hdd but os is not booting

    guys i got a wd blue 500 gb hdd from my frnd its brand new so i installed it with my old 1 tb seagate hdd 1st time when i booted my pc with new hdd it all went good after booting i formatted the new hdd via computer management and i copied some data to new hdd and then i stud down my pc and...
  8. reddick

    HTC Explorer Restart Problem

    Hi Guys! I hv bought it a week ago n install sm apps n games lyk AVG AntiVirus,Facebook,Angry Birds, etc. frm play store. Then aftr 3-4 days,whenever I try 2 start any app or 2 open internet , it starts giving me error msg tht ,"The app failed 2 start" or smthing lyk tht. On which I had 2...
  9. mikeyaxe

    AMD 990FX motherboards

    Guys could anyone tell me the list of motherboards for the AM3+ Fx chipset tht can use 1600Mhz Ram............ Also Could u name a few motherboards under 11K
  10. C

    Forming a Buyers club

    Hi all, I have seen tht on TDF.. people are on buying spree... Almost everyday i notice tht our buying volume is Few thousand Ruppees on daily basis. My point is why don't we form a club kind of thing and then have tie-up with some good chain which can supply has almost all kind of...
  11. A

    AMD Config Help and suggestions required!

    Hi people. i am enw to the forum..i am buying a NEW cpu ..and i have a MAX budget of 22k!the problem is tht i m in love with a cabinet the NZXT lexa s and NZXT guardian 921 RB(tht is costing me i m left with like 17K for the other stuff...i dont want AMD athlon X4 coz it has ibly 2 mb...
  12. A

    Help buying an android phone!!

    I wanted to buy an android phone in a price of less than 15k. I have short listed the following phones and if i have missed any phone thaen pls tell me. Samsung Galaxy 3 LG Optimus GT540 Xperia X10 Mini HTC Wildfire Now i need your help in choosing one. The main feature tht...
  13. nims11

    Broadband problem-in urgent need of advice

    Hello guys i m in desperate need of advice. I live in ranchi. My bsnl landline went dead after heavy rain. After 2 days a man came nd cured the line. The phone was then working fine but my broadband wasnt. I registered a complaint regarding this but they closed down the complaint case without...
  14. T

    Can i use 3g service on my pc using phne as a datacard??

    Can i use 3g service on my pc using phne as a datacard?? if yes suggest me gud and cheap phone ..tht can solve my purpose...:):)
  15. reddick

    Fake Call Costs Me Rs.10 per min.

    Today I got a miss call at morning time frm the no. +923428222931 And again @ afternoon So I call the no. The guy at other side reply that he is speaking from Airtel and u hv won Rs. 5 lakh of cash prize as lottery. I understand tht very moment tht he is just trying to make fool of me. So...
  16. anish_sha

    Dataone Night UL : How to restart my wifi modem automatically?

    Hi guys , im using winvista, pls help me to create a bat file or something else such tht i can restart my modem at 2 AM and use for downloading..
  17. devilinearth

    Short term courses?

    i have jus done my btech in eee...many of my frnds r doin short term courses such as autocad ,html,c++ nd i was thinkin to do all these courses by myself...i have all the text books nd will tht b ok?...or do i have to do it in some centres?.. pls reply
  18. C

    How to connect Desktop with Laptop

    Hi Friends, I have desktop whose hard drive is not working .. and I want to format it.... when I start the Desktop Delete key and Fn keys are not working so I am not able to get into Bios.... Now my idea is to conect desktop hard drive or desktop itself with me laptop and format the Hard...
  19. Gowt1ham

    WTB: 512MB+ GPU card

    i want a 512 MB+ GPU card. it should be a mid range card 8800gt and above. Plz dont Pm me with HD 4890 and gtx 295. I am not buying tht.
  20. Tech$oft

    Need a graphic card!!!

    I need a graphic card nvdia or ati , have a samsung 22 t2233sw, i have a budget till 8 k nt more than tht!!! tel me till hw much resolution cn i go upto. Thanks!!!
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