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  1. Nanducob

    Suggest a free MMOFPS

    Hello guys, please suggest me a free MMOFPS to play which is not pay to win.Currrently playing Ghost recon online and the pings arent that great,so Im thinking of moving.Thanks
  2. D

    Broadband in Chennai, specifically YOU

    Hey, I've been on BSNL( for quite some time and their customer service has kinda reached the breaking point for me.( Low SNR for months, ul became better later but dl is still bad+High Attenuation). They come once in a blue moon and dont even make an effort to fix it. Plan is ULD 950 btw. My...
  3. A

    Dota 2 - Getting High pings [MTNL]

    Hello people! I am getting 500+ Pings on SEA Servers in DotA 2 :( Idk why :( I can only play in EU east - 210ms EU west - 250ms I have MTNL 1.3-2mbps and i am from mumbai. ANY one else has the same problem ? ANY one know the FIX ?
  4. A


    Hello fellow members! Is it worth buying L2D2 [for 300rs on steam sale] and Borderlands 2 [for 900rs on gmg - steam activated ] ? Do we indians can play those games with decent pings to EU servers? As i have MTNL, i get insane-high pings to SEA countries because mtnl decided to route their...
  5. darkv0id

    Are pings in any way related to download speeds? Need help!

    So, here's the thing: my Tata Photon+ wireless has FUP with max download speed of (3.1 Mbps) upto 12 GB. During this, my pings on CS 1.6 servers in Delhi range from 60-120 ms. However, when the usage limit is exceeded, the speeds fall down to 128 kbps. What's strange is that my pings, which...
  6. darkv0id

    Planetside 2 and Tribes Ascend

    Just wanted to ask if anyone here has played these games. I mainly want to know about the kind of pings you guys are getting.If possible mention details of your internet connection as well. I tend to shy away from multiplayer (especially FPS) since I have wireless broadband (Tata Photon) and...
  7. thatsashok

    Reliance or BSNL

    Guys I have an option of choosing between Reliance wireline and BSNL BB. I so far have experience of BSNL 750 UL. I know BSNL has good pings to Malaysia and Singapore servers but the speeds are not VFM compared to Reliance. My Usage : Steam downloads Online multiplayer games like TF2, CS ...
  8. tkin

    Pathetic Pings on BSNL kolkata, alternatives?

    Enough is enough, I am SICK and TIRED of BSNL kolkata, I have 750ULD plan on NIB II, for the past 3/4 months I am getting pathetic pings even inside india during daytime, at night the pings are ok, but during daytime and evening(around 11AM to 11PM) pings to everywhere are pathetic at best, some...
  9. CarlonSamuels

    which is the best broadband for mp gaming

    Hey guysi live in Bangalore and i want ot know which broadband connection will give me least pings while playing online games. Games range from CS 1.6,CS S to MW3
  10. A

    How to improve pings

    Dear friends i have Airtel 3G modem up to 7.2 Mbps, model- E1731 In my modem i have full signal strength then also my pings don't go less then 400 what should i do to improve it.
  11. $

    What is the lowest ping that you get and with what ISP?

    These days i'm having real trouble sticking around in online games all because of the high ping in BSNL network. Mine's BSNL UL750+ plan with 1Mbps bandwith speed upto 6GB and 512Kbps onwards. I get pings at an average of 110-170ms in Indian servers tested from Speedtest.net and saw in some...
  12. toofan

    How to correct the pings.

    Friends having some problem with my pings. I am gaining very high pings on urban terror servers. I had made a complain on bsnl also but not yet found anything. Hope you guys will help me again. 1. Today I did a ping test on google.co.in and got the following reply. Used the following command...
  13. The CyberShot

    How do you send pings through a restrictive firewall?

    Hello guys, I just recently found out that you can't ping computers if you are behind a restrictive proxy that you are needed to connect to before you do any packet sending. I tried using the 'proxycfg' command to set the proxy ( in my case) but that didn't work. I did a little...
  14. mad_max

    problems with win xp's internet gateway

    ok guys here's the deal,which i'm totally clueless.. i have a dsl connection and since yesterday all my ping times are like 3+ secs,so i did a trace rout and more often than not it didn't even reach the gateway of my isp!!! and when i ran the line check from my router(prolink hurricane 9200) it...
  15. baccilus

    How is BF2?

    Well I have read the reviews and all which say it's awesome. But what sort of pings can I expect here in India with Dataone -2 MBPS connection? I am sort of beginning to think that counterstrike is the only game that can be played with good pings in India.
  16. MysticHalo

    which braodband for me

    Hello guys, I live in gujarat and want to know which broadband would suit me the best. I need it for gaming mostly (good pings are important) So, i wanna know which braodband will give least pingz for online play ?
  17. ammusk

    any CS source servers here in India with low pings ??

  18. R

    CS 1.5 Indian servers

    Looking for Indian servers hosting CS 1.5. or anybody know of any other good servers with decent pings :) ?
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