1. A

    Suggest a monitor for 5/6K

    Hi i am building a new PC, so i need a new monitor.My overall budget for the PC is 35K. My build's configuration : I5 4460 B85m mobo Antec vp 450 1 tb wd blue 8gb kingston hyper x fury I will buy a graphic card later (Gtx 950) 1. Budget? 5-6k 2. Display type and size? I do not know about...
  2. Rockstar11

    HELP - Sony hx20v when I turn it on it displays "Turn the power off and on again"

    I have a Sony Cyber-shot HX20V camera and when I turn it on it displays "Turn the power off and on again". when i turn the camera on it comes up telling me turn it on and off again and low light displayed in the background. have turned on and off many times and taken the battery out for a...
  3. R

    Graphic card for 4 displays?

    as the title suggests im looking for a graphic card setup to power 4 displays. one of the displays is a 32 inch TV with HDMI input. it is supposed to replicate one of the monitors. the pc wont be used for gaming or any graphic intense task, just some office work, web browsing and video playback...
  4. avinandan012

    suggest monitor(s)?

    Hi Guys, help me choose and buy 1. a tripple monitor stand(can support 27" displays) 2. 3 1080p monitors or a single 1440p(costly) Budget 50K For tripple monitors I'm looking at dell s2240l. No idea about 1440p monitors. Usage : content creation (not gaming)
  5. A

    HTC One E8 vs Samsung Galaxy S5

    Hi, The SGS5 retails for around 35K and the E8 is supposed to retail for around the same price. Both phones have FHD displays with the latest processor tech, so the question is, which one should be bought ? Thoughts ? Cheers! AbhMkh
  6. R

    Do i need scree protector for gorilla glass 3?

    Most of the phones today come with gorilla glasses and claim to be scratch proof.So do we really need to put a screen guard on such displays?
  7. ithehappy

    Lumia 930 or an Android again? So confused!!

    Lol, I am asking something about mobile phones, well :lol: Seriously, I can't stand my S4 any more. Main reason is weak vibration as I said in a different topic. Anyway meaningless to bring the S4 stuffs here. So I was set for the Lumia 930 totally, but yesterday I was seeing WP, and I am...
  8. R

    Query regarding new graphics driver

    My Catalyst Control Center version is 2011.0930.2209.37895..i'm quite sure that it's very old..But whenever i try to update it thru the CCC it always displays that a latest version is not available.. So can i directly download and install the lastest driver 13.11 beta? Kindly help me out..
  9. Vyom

    Avoiding the bull**** that companies tries to feed us: A good artice from digit

    Beyond the bull**** As a technology journalist, keeping up with this ever changing world can be quite a task. A new product is revealed, a software is updated, a startup is bought over, there’s something new every day, or every hour – it’s just mind boggling! Most of what I write about as...
  10. harshilsharma63

    HTML help needed

    Hi. Take a look at this link: B. Tech. IVth Sem. Main Exam Result - 2013 - RTU Portal by Arun Batar It accepts roll number th the text field and displays the result after clicking of "Submit" button. I need to programatically access the result. What data do I need to send to the server...
  11. N

    15.6 or 19 IN LED Monitor

    I am looking for a 15 or 19 inch LED monitor for my laptop. Is there any good 15.6 monitor? I am not interested in big displays because of height issues.
  12. thetechfreak

    Samsung Galaxy Mega smartphones coming with 5.8-inch and 6.3-inch displays

    Read the article here Samsung Galaxy Mega smartphones coming with 5.8-inch and 6.3-inch displays - Mobile Phone | ThinkDigit News Soon their smartphones will be as big as the Galaxy Tab?
  13. R

    Problems while downloading facebook application

    I have got a blackberry curve 9320 which displays a message for upgrading the blackberry id whenever try to download the facebook application . Then it gets disrupted in the middle after it displays a downloading message after completing the upgradation stage. this happens whenever i try to...
  14. D

    Drive not ready problem in windows Xp

    hi all how to correct this problem it displays following problem : Explorer.exe Drive not ready help
  15. S

    Booting Issues with Windows Xp

    Hi I am having a problem with my Windows Xp installation. Till yesterday it was working fine. Curious as always with my OS, I scheduled a disk check to be performed the next time when I log in. This morning when I woke up and switched on my pc, I found that my windows wont boot. After it...
  16. H

    website validation error.

    i have few html files which i uploaded on a webhosting site.but whenever i give the link to my friend's through chat it says that "it is a spam".so what should i do to prevent it from saying so?and when i try to validate it using w3 validator it displays two errors and even displays what the...
  17. mohityadavx

    Nokia MobileuSEFULCodes

    sOURCE :Tech news and updates about the iphone 4 ,iphone 5, jailbreaking ios 4, jailbreaking ios 4.1, iphone os 4.0,ipod touch,unlocking iphone 3gs,google pr update 2010
  18. maverick786us

    30 inch Display

    I am looking for a 30 inch display where I can enjoy the real world gaming. When it comes to 30 inch display only 2 displays hit me 1) Dell U3011 and 2) HP ZR30W Both are excellent IPS Display. Can someone tell me the price of these displays in indian market?
  19. A

    Screen Resolution not supported.

    My screen resolution is 1440 x 900. Many games do not support this resolution. Many new games are also having trouble with this resolution. Screen simply displays 'UNSUPPORTED'. What should i do?
  20. TSPatange_1309

    Developer codes for NOKIA mobiles.

    I have found some mobile tricks for NOKIA mobiles. Actually these are the tricks and entertainment for us but it has been created for mobile developing and for adding some new features specially created by developers. Actually these are codes from developers of a mobile software systems...
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