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Hi folks i have windos xp profesional setup and i want to make a bootable cd of it i use nero how can i make a xp bootable cd ?


What do you mean XP bootable CD? If I am not wrong, every XP CD is bootable. All you need is setup your CMOS to boot your computer from the CDROM.

Incase if you XP CD is not bootable, I am sure it is a pirated software. Well buddy, if it is just a setup copy, there can be a possiblity that more files would be missing. So why take chances with your OS. Get a full bootable XP CD, pirated or original depends on you...


Cyborg Agent
Nonsense dude. All you need is "microsoft corporation.img" file to be used as boot image when you are writing the xp cd to a new disk. This can be done only by writing a "bootable disk" using nero or similar cd burning software. The above file can be extracted from another bootable xp cd using isobuster or downloaded from the Internet.

every original CD is boot-able
can't say in the case of ******* CD.
its illlegal also. pls buy a original CD.
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