Best trick to do partition of hard disk

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Hi guys,

well just bought a 250 GB of western hard disk drive n will install a fresh XP professional OS on it .... now i want to partition it in the following manner....

C:\ 80GB

n other drives as 56GB each......

Now guys wats the best possible way to do it..... should i use disk partion magic

or is there some other way to do it...

Plz suggest.... (the procedure in detail.... as newbie to it)

thanking in advance

clifford goa


Use Acronis Disk Director Suite... Best GUI and simple to use... Just google for it if u r looking for full working version...


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use megaISO and choose Acronis Disk Partition manager. very good and fast,

for .. XP -> 30Gb is morethan sufficient.

I use 10Gb for XP. (slipstream xp use less space :p )
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