best spyware/adware/trojan cleaner with active monitoring.

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hi guys,
i sometimes visit certain ahem. c**** sites and have found that they try to send trojans,spywares etc. on every click.mozilla manages to stop that, but still i am not i was looking for a adware/spyware/trojan cleaner with active monitoring so that as soon as ne of these try to enter my comp,it gets detected and deleted automatically.

P.S not offending anyone. but pls stick to the topic and dun start asking for c****s and stuff or u will get urself and myself banned.


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thegame_rulez said:
afai have heard webroot spysweeper hogs system rescources?is that true?

when visiting such sites i would recommend :

zone alarm security suite.
never been infected since i strated using it, honestly. people say za antivirus is not so good; but my experience says its good enuff. plus its got other things too.

my next recomendation would be the new bitdefender internet security v9.

else if u want freeware : microsoft anti-spy + avast + zonealarm firewall.
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