1. omega44-xt

    Need Internet monitoring software

    After using unlimited internet connection for several years, now I'm at a place with limited usage internet. My laptop has Win10 which is best in terms of data over-exploitation. I need a software for monitoring bandwidth usage on app basis with facility to block apps from internet usage (any...
  2. ax3

    net monitoring tool ! ! !

    sumtimes their is lotta net activity even though am not downloading anything ... need to check or c which software is downloading from net ... eventhough auto updates are disabled for all ... any freeware net monitoring or traffic control tool ???
  3. H

    How is AHP-1200 ahuja headphone for Monitoring ?

    Have anyone tried Ahuja headphones for Monitoring ? I have been told they are widely used in India for studio purposes ? Let me know your experience about it. I am looking for Monitoring Headphone for Voice over purposes. For now I have HD 202 Headphones which obviously are not for monitoring...
  4. D

    Urgent Need headphones under 1K "Bollocks i cant bear anymore"

    Hello, i need a decent headphone under 900 Rs. *strict* i use them for movies and sometimes for music and gaming purpose. so please suggest a decent type within budget. i do not ask for much professional quality. So the Req. are 1: Headphones with decent audio+Bass quality; 2: Would prefer...
  5. H

    monitoring Headphones

    I need monitoring Headphones for 1000 - 2000 . I need it for monitoring the quality of sound and recording. Thanks in advance
  6. A

    Data monitoring tool ?

    I need a tool/software to monitor my data usage. Something more than a web browser plugin, that can give me my daily/monthly usage of my internet usage including net surfing, downloads, windows updates, etc, in short, all of my net usage.. Pls hlep. Kindly suggest me some free tool. Thanks...
  7. M

    Software needed....

    Hey guys, back after a long time.Wishing you happy new year to all of you.I was wondering if there is any good internet usage monitoring software.The function that i need the most is tracking my total data transfer of a month and a session.Please suggest me a good software...
  8. socrates

    Net monitoring tool now ships with IPv6

    Net monitoring tool now ships with IPv6 - Computerworld
  9. mithun_mrg

    List of Freewares & utilities for PC Troubleshooting/Repair

    List of Freewares and Utilities UBCD:Ultimate BOOT cd for testing Diagnosis Ultimate Boot CD - Overview Nlite :-For Intregrating Sata/ACHI drivers nLite - Deployment Tool for the bootable Unattended Windows installation Real Temp:For temperature Monitoring Real Temp - CPU temperature...
  10. J

    Software for monitoring power consumption?

    hi anyone know a software for monitoring power consumtion?
  11. siennal

    Employee monitoring problem

    I have a small business, most of my employees require Internet access to do their jobs. I have some concerns about inappropriate use of the computers and how it might affect productivity. I googled and got know there is software for computer monitoring such as SentryPC, Realtime Spy, Desktop...
  12. prateek007391

    Network Monitoring

    I need to monitor the computer that r running on local network how can i do so
  13. S

    Motion Detection n Surveillance using Mobile Phone

    Am a final year engineering CS student i managed to do this on my cellphone using j2me (java) Application is simple u need to start the app it starts monitoring the view area within 5 secs if there is an intruder or any disturbance it gives an alert and stores the disturbing objects pic...
  14. Gigacore

    Intel's India unit develops remote health monitoring device

    1 hour ago (from the time I posted) BANGALORE, India (AFP) — US microchip maker Intel is developing a technology to allow remote monitoring of a person's health through signals from a hand-held device, the company said on Wednesday. Intel's Indian and US researchers have built a prototype...
  15. karina_got_it

    i need a free system activity monitoring software.

    hi i need a free system activity monitoring software. which can log key strokes and list of files opened optionally uploads it to my ftp site thanx in advance
  16. S

    help wanted

    hi guys i wanted to know is their any software to monitor how many hours of internet i am using . i have a broad band connection still for my knowledge i want to know is their any software for monitoring time. please name some softwares thanks sanju
  17. T

    CCTV camera

    :D I would like to buy CCTV camera for Remote monitoring. Kindly please help me find a cheap and best one.
  18. P

    Hardware monitoring not working

    Recently I checked the BIOS and found that my hardware monitoring wasnt showing any readings. The fan speeds (of all three) were shown 0 RPM even though the fans were running. The temperatures were also not shown. Any ideas what's the problem ? Thx Also my PC hangs randomly and doesnt boot up...
  19. utsav

    UPS bundle problem.PLZ help

    I hav made up my mind to buy a numeric ups i want to know that what are its package contents & price. I live in Jhansi(U.P) the shopkeeper is selling this ups for 1850Rs & he says that no serial cable and monitoring software is bundled with it...
  20. caje143

    Am I Being Monitored???

    Hi All, Well i work in a Company in the IT Dept... where there are around 50 other employees.. since there are strict rules over here against using the net... i wanted to know whether all that i do...i.e. surfing,downloading,installing stuff... are these all monitored or can they be all...
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