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I want to buy an Android smartphone for my father under Rs.20,000. As my father won't be needing much processing power, a speedy processor is not a requirement. But the phone should have a good, crisp screen with a high pixel density. As of brand, I know Xolo has some good phones in this range but I would prefer Sony or Samsmung over any other. The two phones I have come across from Sony are Xperia SP and Xperia V which have more than 300 ppi screen. Out of these two I would prefer Xperia V as it has a higher density screen and a high resolution camera although the screen size is somewhat smaller than Xperia SP.

I need your suggestions guys. Is Xperia V a good phone? Should I go for it? Please advice. I may extend the budget by one or two thousand Rupees more if I get something extraordinary.


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^ Grand 2 is not under 20k .. xperia SP or Moto G.

@OP - Xperia V is good but small.. also no warranty here in India..


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^^ I know it's not 20k but OP mentioned that he can extend budget by 1-2k. Read the last line of his post. Besides Grand 2 has a bigger screen and is easy to use for every age.


^only buy an imported phone if you understand and willing to accept the risks , as they don't come with warranty.
Don't buy grand either.
IMO , xperia sp is a good deal .

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Galaxy S3 may not have a gorgeous screen but imho amoleds are pretty nice. And besides, you get a great performing cam too.

Purely in terms of screen Moto G is a great buy within your budget. 329 ppi IPS LCD + Gorilla Glass @13.9k but then again its neither a Sony nor a Samsung and besides, the non-removable battery might become a problem 2 years later.

Now I would have suggested you an Optimus G E975 or a Note 2 but sadly they don't figure anywhere near the 20k mark (Optimus G AT&T version may be possible to get but the Note 2 is stubbornly positioned well beyond the 20k mark)
Darshan Singh

Darshan Singh

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Thanks guys for your suggestions.

I have never liked the design of Samsung phones. So I think I should go for either Xperia SP or Moto G. It will all depend upon whichever I can find easily in my town. Anyways, thanks again guys for your time.


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Go and preorder a Moto G 16Gb for Rs14,000. It will probably go out of stock as soon as it arrives and all since all the pre-order people will be given first priority.

Or wait for Xperia G, same as Moto G but better looks and expandable storage

but if you dont mind spending 20k then get Xperia SP


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