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  1. omega44-xt

    MS Office 2016

    Check this: Microsoft Office 2016 - Reaper Sho It seems legit. What is it? One year subscription? Also how is it so cheap? Just curious
  2. D

    What will be next change?

    Hi all! This is my very first post! I want to know what will happen next after whatsapp revolution? I have seen massage boards went slowdown (not this one!):-) due to Orkut. Orkut is going to be melt next month, reasons are FB and whatsapp (?) However, Blogging and twitting is parallel...
  3. Arjun609

    Best Racing Game!!!

    Best Racing Game PC !!! I know only racing games like Need for speed,Dirt and blur.I think that Need For Speed is the best But Iam curious that is there any game better than need for speed
  4. R

    Best LGA 1150 chipset

    guys, which is currently the best chipset for the haswell processors (LGA 1150). i'm not gonna buy it anytime soon but, just curious. also which is the best motherboard under 15k from the perspective of a multi gpu setup??
  5. Tech.Masti

    how many watts, a 2.1 speaker typically consumes??

    this may sounds strange, but got no answer even after some googling.... just wants to know, how many watts a 2.1 speaker consumes.... can anyone tell me?? just curious to know.. thanx
  6. T

    What kind of 3D works for you? Passive or active?

    I'm kinda curious because there seems to be a lot of debate going on about this.
  7. A

    Samsung laptops?

    I'm looking forward to buy a laptop around 30k. Samsung NP300-E5Z-S01IN Laptop: Flipkart.com: Compare, Review Samsung Notebook This meets all my requirements. I'm just curious to know how are Samsung laptops. Their build quality, performance and after sales support. Thanks.
  8. ashis_lakra

    Howz possible ?

    I was curious about these high resolution gigapan panaroma. Does anyone knows, how are they shot and how much cost is involved ? :shock:
  9. FilledVoid

    Will this SMPS do or do I need better?

    Hi all, Let me first quote what the system in question has running. AMD Phenom X2 550 BE 2 GB of Ram Asus M4A78-Em/1394 80 GB IDE Drive 80 GB Sata Drive 500 GB Sata Drive LG DVD-RW ViewSonic VA1918wm iBall Cabinet with whatever 400 Watts SMPS came with it D: . Well I have a...
  10. crawwww

    Does anyone know what happened to Satish Shah from comedy circus?

    Not that I liked him but I was just curious.
  11. Ponmayilal

    I'm now in Team-BHP too.........

    Hi friends, I am now an active member of Team-BHP forum too. Have a look at my intro there, here . I am curious to know whether anybody else here, is a member there too.
  12. toofan

    Who is Agent 001?

    Does anyone know who is Agent 001. From the day of reading my 1st digit I am curious about Agent 001. I thinks its RABOOO but not confirmed. Some must know.
  13. L

    taking bike abroad... is it possible??

    Hi Guys, I have a rather silly question.. I've got offer from a UK company and i'm planning to move there for atleast a year. does anyone know if it is possible to take a motorcycle with us. I already have made arrangements to stay there, as my bro is there. I was just curious if i can...
  14. C

    Why do you study?

    Hmm was just curious to know. Why do you study?
  15. ax3

    Right time 2 buy\upgrade pc ???

    ppl, when is the right time 2 buy\upgrade pc ??? just curious ........
  16. arijit_2404

    Anyone here tried Alky Project ? (DirectX10 in XP)

    Many of you know about alky-project. Though they have stopped their development but they once tried to bring DirectX10 in Windows XP. read here. website 1 and website 2 Have anyone tried this? I am curious to know the result, if any!
  17. K

    Chinese vs Korean phones -- better evil?

    Are Korean phones better than Chinese. I'm not going to buy any of these of anything unbranded (had enough of trouble with them already!). Just curious.
  18. jxcess2

    Who's the oldest member (by age) here?

    Who's the oldest member here? Just curious.
  19. chesss

    Can anyone help me understand windows better

    My question is quite simple - What exactly exactly makes windows 98 faster than windows xp? I am typical geek who has meddled in windows services, played around in the deep trenches of HKLM, group policy . Tried memory freeing/defragmenting utilities , registry-tweaks. Changed stuff in...
  20. H

    Click if you are curious

    Hello from Head Banger:).I am new here.I am not much of digit fan,but i like this forum.:p
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