Best men's deodorant/bodywash/cologne?

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Hey guys,

Can u pls help me out to choose the best deo's/bodywash/cologne available in market ?

I have tried quite a few which includes Axe,Adidas,Nike,Brut but they havent performed to my expectations...

Another case of "Maange Majdooron wali" :p.
Anyways Try Zatak, Fa, Charlie, Playboy too..may be u can find satisfaction somewhere :D:D


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Anyone seen the new Axe ad. Where the guy who applied Axe just stands there leaning against something and the hot girl passing him by just gets attracted to him like magnet and sticks to him?!:D:D Axe ads are embarrassing to watch in front of family but are very funny. New Hrithik ad for Cinthol is also good. Anyone tried these new Cinthol deos?
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why is it that we are jumping with glee and enthusiastically coming forward with suggestions when it come to helping somebody buy deoderant or purchase shoes

but when an individual seeks help in buying some clothing we look at him with disdain and turn up our noses and revel in being our sarcastic best.
why is nobody writing about any female tennis star who endorses similar products

why aren't these 2 equally insipid threads locked with the same amount of disdain and impunity and dash of saracsm that the other thread was locked


Think Zen.
^You are right, this is a tech-forum.And crappy threads like this have been locked before. Guess this hasnt got the attention of the mods.

So, please , by pointing the mods , instead of reporting, you only point yourself.
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