1. D

    Local ISP Internet Issue [Help]

    Hello , I have been experiencing frequent connection drops in between VoIP calls , Video Streaming and even while making a google search query. The local technician guy comes and does a speed test (gets 40Mbps) , says that my router is bad and needs to be upgraded . My router is in perfect...
  2. Vyom

    The 10 min test to prove how stable is your ISP!

    There's a tool "Ping Plotter" which is used to diagnose network issues. It's an excellent tool to check how stable is your ping (actually Traceroute, which is different than Ping, but we won't go in detail here in the 1st post). When the test is running, the break in ping is shown as Red bar. A...
  3. patkim

    Spectranet ISP & Public/Private IP assignment

    I have been using Spectranet Internet at Pune. One of the advantage I had with this ISP was that it was offering a Public IP to home users. But now they have switched to Private IP assignment for home customers. 10.x.x.x series. Just wondering if any other users on this forum availing same ISP...
  4. D

    Good ISP in Kolkata for stable ping, minimum downtime?

    Hello I'm Looking for a good ISP mainly for online multiplayer, streaming and video/voice chat. Important stuff I'm looking for; 1. Should have constant ping/jitter value throughout the day,month and year. 2. No mini-downtimes (5-10 min) throughout the day which suddenly kicks you out of...
  5. A

    Best ISP in Bhubaneswar for stable ping and minimum downtime.

    Hi, Which is the most reliable ISP in Bhubaneswar nearby Patia/Infocity. FUP is not an issue I need good stable ping and minimum downtime for playing online games like Dota 2 or other MMO. Also is Airtel available there?
  6. A

    Best ISP for gaming in BANGLORE ?

    hey guys i connect to eu server's on Warcraft but my ping is on 230 and every time i get in a combat i lag... pretty sure its coz of my low quality net. im moving to banglore in a week..can someone suggest a really good isp for gaming ? mainly low ping is my aim and stable speed...
  7. patkim

    Spectranet ISP - IP Allocation - Carrier grade NAT?

    I guess anyone using Spectranet Internet connection may be able to help me out here. Is the IP Address assigned by Spectranet to your computer or router (whatever is directly connected to ISP) same as WAN IP as seen from the Internet? Do you see the same IP when you visit sites like...
  8. L

    Best ISP for gaming in Navi Mumbai

    I'm looking for a good gaming centered ISP with low pings, I currently own reliance 4mbps. Budget would be 1400.
  9. patkim

    Are VoIP ports blocked by ISP in India?

    I need some clarification when it comes to VOIP. I read somewhere that many ISPs in India block VOIP Ports. Is this true and if yes which services or features get affected? Does any and every voice communication over internet falls under VOIP being blocked or when we say VOIP is blocked it...
  10. aal-ok

    How do I fix Router wi-fi problem?

    I recently changed my SSID and password due to fear of hacking, now I can connect to internet using Ethernet, but wi-fi is not working properly, it disconnects after every hour or so and i can reconnect only after switching it off for an hour(maybe, i haven’t tested it’s time duration.) i made...
  11. BakBob

    Need unlimited broadband in Santa Cruz

    As the title suggests. Can anyone suggest a good ISP with unlimited use in Santa Cruz West Mumbai? Thanks for suggestion!
  12. Desmond

    Rate your ISP

    Hi, I am creating this thread so that people can rate their experiences with their ISPs. I encouraged posters to be as verbose as possible when writing a summary of their experiences. Also, I recommend that posters post their own experiences with the ISP they are *currently* using and not for...
  13. bssunilreddy

    1TB FUP ISP in Hyderabad

    Hai, 1TB FUP ISP in Hyderabad Provided by Home Packs - Bytenet - High Speed Internet
  14. vedula.k95

    Best ISP in Bhuvaneswar?

    Hello guys, I am an Engineering student and i am planning to shift outside (leaving hostel) and i play CS GO too often,please recommend me a good ISP which can give me stable ping and with less downtime. here are some list which i have already collected:- *Odisha Cable net...
  15. aal-ok

    Best ISP in Delhi

    I am a user from Delhi, in Shalimar Bagh, and I want to change my ISP for around 1k a month, unlimited plan. Its better if there is no fup involved, and I was thinking about spectranet but they are not available in Shalimar Bagh. Speed min 1mbps
  16. P

    3G/ 4G LTE DOngle with Static IP Either by Airtel or !dea

    Dear All, Does any ISP Allowed Public IP for 3G Dongles. Regards Pratik V
  17. W

    Best ISP in Kamalgazi-Narendrapur area (South Kolkata)

    Firstly, accept my apologies if you find this question repeated. This is my very first post here. I stay in Bangalore and currently the internet requirements at my home in Kolkata is satisfied by Tata Photon Plus. I have decided to change it (multiple reasons), and after reading multiple...
  18. G

    best isp provider in dahisar (mumbai) for lowest cs:go&dota2 ping.....

    best isp provider in dahisar which gives lowest ping(ms) in cs:go/dota2 Indian servers ......
  19. R

    Which ISP provide services in ghitorni, sout delhi??

    I want to take a new bb connection so anybody having information related to it please share it will be helpful.
  20. Sainatarajan

    Need Suggestions for good ISP in Chennai

    Hello guys..I am looking for a good ISP provider in Chennai. Roughly I will use 30 GB of data per month. Need a minimum of 2 mbps connection. Currently i am using Airtel but it doesnt fit my bill. I can spend max 1k per month. Also ACT and Tikona Broadband is not available in my area. Kindly...
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