Best android phone in 8k.

my frnd is looking for an android phone in 8k budget,
his current selection is galaxy there any better phone in this range??
thnx in advance:-D:-D:-D


IMHO galaxy Y is the best phone in this range.....great processor and decent xda support...
only limit is small screen size...


Currently using Galaxy y.
Bought it two weeks back.
I got colour plus retail package which is selling for 7900/- at flipkart.
You can get it for mlbit less at stores.

Only downside is Screen which restricts Gaming although there is workaround to run hd games at lower textures with chainfire 3d but have to root phone for that.
You are talking about range but I often say about requirements. You should make a list of what you want from your smartphone. After that see if the present phone can meet your demands or not. Then decide if you need a new phone or you can easily go with your present gadget.


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err...every android phone has a GPU.....doesn't it??
it might be a weaker one though....

all available budget Android mobiles are mostly powered by Qualcomm MSM7227/t or 7225A (better). whereas a few uses Broadcomm, or Rockchip and similar less known SOCs. But readhead is right. almost any Android mobile you buy today will have a GPU but some may have a very basic 2D accelerator.

Galaxy Y GPU is a bit weak compared to Explorer but it cost just ~7k whereas Explorer cost 9.5k in most online shops and doesn't come with even headphone (datacable too) which will add another 500 bucks. so OP should think if he really wants to sell out 2k over his budget.


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