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Friends, I am really confused on a selecting a multimedia player which can cater to maximum number of formats without installation of any codecs / codec pack separately. I want the player to have good output video quality, should be able to play most of the formats including divx, various avi containers, real audio and video, and mobile video formats. What I have shortlisted are :

Media Player Classic
GOM player
KM player
BS player (free)
Real Player.

The main considerations which i want is minimum shuffling with settings, good output video quality, support for subtitles, no separate codec and support for playlists.

Please post your suggestions.


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You won't get anywhere without having the foundation of codecs and plugins installed, no matter how exotic a player you use. So it's a good idea to install one complete codec pack.

As for the player, I will pick SMPlayer.


>>>>>Monkey Power
As for me, I don´t have any codec pack or even a single codec installed. I am able to play almost all the files using Mplayer or GOM player. Quick Time video and flash videos are issue for me.
And for audio format Media Monkey does the job very well.


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SMPlayer, since it allows to resume from where I left. If I am not using SMPlayer, I will be using VLC.


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I've been using K-Lite Mega Codec Pack with Media Player Classic for years, and its great. I also keep VLC just in case.


Installing a codec pack unless you REALLY need it is not a good idea. For most people installing ffdshow will suffice. Ffdshow is actually included in K-lite... but unless you need to play some exotic format that ffdshow does not support, no need to install a codec pack!

As for players, I'v used WMP 11, VLC and Gom. I find GOM to be the best amongst these three.

Installing ffdshow and GOM will let you play almost everything, with minimal bloat... except RealMedia files.


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if it were not for it's irritating seek bar then VLC would be my first choice but I have to go with KMplayer


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KMPlayer- best video quality among all players
PowerDVD 8- Best audio quality of all,especially in movies
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