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Bad news for Meego


Peak Oil is real!
The Swipe interface could come to Nokia's WP7 handsets. Meego looked nice only because of the beautiful hardware and decent UI. No one knows how good it is under the hood.

You might get a similarly styled button-less hardware on a modified Nokia WP7 device... Very much possible because Microsoft has allowed Nokia to modify WP7 to its liking and has also decided to integrate Ovi maps & services into Microsoft bing suite...

It will all be good... Don't worry...


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I said that the interface may come in S40 devices because Nokia had announced launching 1Ghz smartphones running on the S40 platform.


^^^Why would an S40 need a 1ghz proc completely beats me. Lets see how they work around it.

If my N85 with s60 ran at 333mhz then what could be s40s requirements? 100mhz?

Its sad they abandoned maego. A whole generation above us will never be able to use (usable) cell phones again.


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yes it is true Nokia have announced they'll launch S40 mobile powered by 1Ghz proccy but what is the use. you can't do multitasking. limited apps. maybe they are trying to launch the technically most useless mobile in history.
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