1. Desmond

    Killing Floor 2 Discussion

    That's right. Killing Floor 2 has been announced. Source :
  2. chandan3

    Nvidia driver

    GeForce 326.41 BETA driver is killing gpu or not
  3. A

    Should i buy KILLING FLOOR?

    The game is available for free play for 1 more day. I installed and i am playing it from 2 hours! It's very fun and addicting! But i dont get good pings in servers but its tolerable! I already have L4d2 but havent downloaded it yet! [13gb lol] Is l4d2 > killing floor? Are they same...
  4. D

    want some opinion on gaming mouse

    I have been addicted to cod4 multiplayer for quite a while & i feel i m not playing upto my expectation. Currently i m using logitech m215 mouse (1000dpi) on any random surface like my exam pad, textbook :mrgreen: which i find difficult during close combats(half of my magazine just finishes...
  5. R

    bacteria killing technology in fridges

    Is air purifying and bacteria killing technology in fridges for real? Or is it a fad or worse just a marketing gimmick??
  6. N

    Open Word Monster Killing type games

    I am looking out for games (PC) which consist of an open world and include killing of monsters very similar to Lost planet 2, Darksiders...can anybody suggest some good ones?
  7. damngoodman999

    Far Cry 3

    ctSO3U_0vCg Just saw the gameplay trailer its really unbelievable , the gameplay is stunning - insane killing tactics .. Cant wait :-o
  8. Vyom

    Sitting is Killing You: Infographic

    You might want to stand up for this! Source: Sitting is Killing You I bet you are still sitting! :(
  9. papul1993

    Please recommend some games

    Hi, I am not much of a gamer but do want to game to unstress and relax sometimes. So please tell me the names of some games. All genres would do (except those zombie killing ones). Even old games would do. Thanks
  10. shift

    Major attacks in India since 2003

    REUTERS - India's major cities were put on high alert on Sunday, with fears of more attacks after at least 46 people were killed in two days of bombings that hit Ahmedabad and Bangalore. Following is a chronology of some of the major attacks in India in the past five years...
  11. S

    Crysis killing my 8800GTS 512 MB G92 SLI

    Earlier i used to play crysis with only one 8800 GTS 512 MB on 1024*768 on my 17" LCD with 16x Q AA,high settings(very high on vista),motion blur tweaked to full and vsync on.Used to get 40-50 FPS.Some days ago i installed the second card and SLI ed.But there is no or very little improvement in...
  12. F


    URGENT: Someone Please tell me the way to remove the worm W32.RONTOKBRO@MM...its killing my pc.....please help
  13. F

    Why People Play FPS Games

    I really cant under stand how can someone play first persone shooter games? No Man just a hand killing and killing No Mind required No gameplay no strategy nothing to explore same boring game play level by level
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