Ashes Cricket 2009 PC Demo

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Here it is: Ashes Cricket 2009 Demo - Big Download

Controls are all messed up on the keyboard & it's f*ckin' letterboxed. :-x

Although the gameplay looks highly detailed. Feelin' sleepy now, will report back tomorrow. :smile:
i downloaded the game yesterday ...have played only 3-4 matches yet ....graphix are not radically better than BLIC, but gameplay has improved a notch ....


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tell me more abou this game.
graphics, gameplay,MIN REQUIREMENTS,etc
also @ keyboard controls, i mean are they same as ea sports?is it better than EA SPORTS CRICKET?
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can anyone tell me how to take a catch. i m using xbox360 controller and cant seem to take a single catch. thanks...


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^^ the download link is *

I did download the demo, it was only 3 overs aside game, in it.
I felt the game play was ok compared to BLIC 07.
Players look alike is ok, i could identify Ponting, Clarke, Johnson, Lee, Anderson.
The graphics is good, the crowd look somewhat realistic.

But one thing i noticed was when the ball hits to the right hand of a Left Hand Batsmen, they show it as if a right hand batsmen is hit, and the batsmen keeps rubbing his left hand, instead of his right hand. Hope this issue gets fixed in the full version of the game :)
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