Are Politicians Of India Traitor To Motherland

Are Politicians of india traitor to mothreland

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no 1 in tis world can't b said he is not corrupt ny who has the power becomes corrupt (kuch zyada hote hai to kuch kum)

mohit sharma

nothing new yaar , that's a fact we can't do anything about !!!!
quit india and be happy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i mean to say that nalayak politicians are winning here since the win of nehru at the time of independence , and look that even his khaaandanis are still enjoying status of kings in so called independent states .......

english people use divide and conquer policy vey well , and now today's politicians are using it much better way then that !!!!

noone gives a s### to whatever we write here , until and unless there votebanks ( consisting of illiterates sitting in rural areas ) gets affected ...............................
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mohit sharma

the deconstructionist said:
Even the politicians are part of the same society from where I and U come. So think about it.

to say the truth , they are not in reality i had seen it that the ones who had gone to politics from our society are either had to come back to home or take shelter of already ruling ganwars ( illiterates ) to save themselves .....

see our primeminister , he had done a lot for country , belonges somewhat to our society , but still what he has , what will be called in furure generations .....

THINK IT OVER MEN , our country is still way beyond The Land Of Freedom .

and are we really free ????
reality is that every literate people is advised to stay out of politics here !!!!


>>>>>Monkey Power
I feel the bitter truth today is that all of us have become traitor to our motherland by promoting corruption, by fighting on name of religion, by blaming others for our mistakes, by not devoting ourselves to make country become developed, in our day to day life, why just blame the politicians. Yes, I agree that politicians today dance to tune of money and not principles, but instead of only blaming them, lets all try to do something for the country.


Still in war with allies
Indian politicians are deaf , we need to bomb politicians so that they can hear some thing . Just like bhagat singh & co .

Bhagat Singh ki jai
chandra sekhar azad amar rahen
subash chandra bose zindabaad


Broken In
THE **** with polititians of today.
if we need to become a superpoer it should be in strong hands like INDIRA GANDHI....
Wishing happy INDEPENDENCE DAY to all INDIANS and lover of INDIANS


Before talking about the Centre, look into your own wards/constituencies:

Are the politicians there worth their salt?
Why are they there if they are not?
What are your options and alternatives to attempt changing the situation?
Are you an alert citizen?
If yes, then will you stop babbling and start acting?
Are you any different than these 'so called' politicians?
Should you really be talking about traitors of the motherland?
Aren't you wasting your time?


The Lord of Death
Indira Gandhi? Arghh! Quit that Nehru-Gandhi family crap already. They've
turned this country into a fscking Monarchy. Indira wasn't even an average
PM, let alone a Tigress or whatever. If you take a proper look at history, she
was entirely responsible for the millions and millions of Bangladeshis taking a
permanent shelter in this country. She was responsible for a fscked up foreign
diplomatic relations and policy, and failed to take proper advantages of the
1971 war, for which many of our soldiers scarificed their lives ...even though
they weren't even fighting for their Motherland.

And look how Bangladesh is paying that debt in terms of violence, hatred and
terrorism. You people fail to see how she totally destroyed the legal and political
systems, took over the country with malicious intentions, and set her sons free
to rule as if it were some wrenched Afrikan country.

Frankly speaking, the Nehru family has contributed little, if any, and reaped
huge rewards. Indira was wise enough to assume the 'Gandhi' surname to fool
the illeterate and dreamy people of India into giving them a false interpretation
of her relations with the 'Gandhi' legacy.

We're still paying an undue debt by serving to her family. And mind you, if this
legacy is not broken forcefully, the next generation will never forgive us for our
ignorace, laziness and low self-esteem enough to make an entire family rulers
of this country. We have only two choices now: either we all hail Queen Sonia
and her family, or we throw them out with the rest of their minions.

As for the rest of the politicians, there should be public hanging ceremonials
held in respect for all these traitors. Until ans unless we all start taking our
country seriously, these bastards will continue to hijack our today and tomorrow.

Not to say that a few supremely rich politicians are richer than the whole India
combined. They laugh at people dying of hunger. They make money whenever
there is flood or draught. They sell out our National secrets and still nobody
raises a finger against them. They mock the Supreme Court and the constitution.
They are the lawmakers and the only lawbreakers with endless impunity.

They are a shame on our face. You don't live with something dirty on your face,
forever. Rise; wipe them out of our lives and our Nation.

Act now with iron fist, or be a slave forever.


Still in war with allies
Did we need a Subash chandra bose like guy for our country .The real son of India ,every mother can proud giving birth to son like Subash chandra bose

Subash chandra bose "The Father of India "


ssdivisiongermany1933 said:
Did we need a Subash chandra bose like guy for our country .The real son of India ,every mother can proud giving birth to son like Subash chandra bose

Subash chandra bose "The Father of India "

What about gandhiji:confused:


The Lord of Death
rakeshishere said:
What about gandhiji:confused:
He should be promoted to the title of "Grandfather of India". ;-)

Jokes aside, Gandhi was too political and contributed little to the independence
of India to deserve any title. He even called for admittance of Indian lads in the
British army to serve Britain in World Wars. Had it not been the huge British
economic and military losses in WWII, India would not have earned her
independence in 1947.

Non-violence is a method too impotent to move governments, let alone change them.
We shouldn't even celebrate the Indepencence Day, because we didn't earn it.
We were literally begging for it.
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In Shamful Mystery
omg yamraj, i just made that point to someone this morning....India did not win Independence as much as the British lost their control over us. But I think it was right to fight in WW2 for the allies. The Nazi enemies were foes of humanity itself.


The Lord of Death
Nazis are depicted as evil in textbooks, literature and movies simply because of
a concept known as "Alternate History". We'll probably never know which side
was more evil than the other, because of the biased media, propaganda and
hype. Russians were the worst. They even mass slaughtered their own people.
Then, there were mass killings and rapes of the German people by the Jews
and Russians after Germany surrendered. It's not that a country or a group
is evil. Human beings, in general, are dark and evil creatures.

We learn to live in peace and harmony, but wars and hatred comes almost too easily.


In Shamful Mystery
nah, the nazi evil was in their policies themselves. Even their ideals were hoorendous. anyway this is OT, and the other people here would get angry if we discuss it too much.
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