1. A

    Is it really Science vs Religion?[POLL]

    A lot of people on the internet are arguing on the topic of Religion vs Science and this topic has been passing down generations after generations. People often talk about how religion or science is superior than the latter and they also think that the other system is harming the interests of...
  2. JojoTheDragon

    Religion, do we really need it ?

    Religion, you are familiar with it. You may call yourself Hindu, Muslim, Christian..etc..etc. But do we really need religion ? Is one's conscience not enough ? Is the simple belief "God is real " not enough that you need to go further and say that I'm "XYZ " religious ? I feel that Religion has...
  3. Skyh3ck

    File sharing is religion now.

    A must read Swedish file-sharing group recognised as a religion by
  4. Faun

    The Free World Bars Free Speech

    For years, the Western world has listened aghast to stories out of Iran, Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern nations of citizens being imprisoned or executed for questioning or offending Islam. Even the most seemingly minor infractions elicit draconian punishments. Late last year, two Afghan...
  5. dheeraj_kumar

    Can someone explain Scientology?

    The title, in layman's words, please. I couldnt really understand most of what wikipedia says on the topic. What exactly are they aiming at, and what are their beliefs? considering its yet another religion, like hinduism and christianity, I expect some answers...
  6. Voldy

    Oxford to Study Faith in God

    Lol read these what oxford r up to:lol: Source:The Associated press
  7. C

    Debate Forums

    Please list some good debate forums.. political, religion, technology etc..:)
  8. morpheusv6

    Hindu sites 'only for Hinduism'

    source: * The government of the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh has banned the propagation of other religions in the holy places of Hindus across the state. The authorities say the move is to ensure that Hindu sentiments in holy places...
  9. naveen_reloaded

    Atheist On This Forum...Come Join In

    FEW QUOTES TO START -------------------------------------------------------------------------- The famous of all by periyar """"""There is no God - There is no God - There is no God There is no God at all The...
  10. montsa007

    the new religion of wearin headfones & you are the follower (funny & serious)

    a new religion is stingin the population and a new generation is on the loose jus tell me how many times u saw ppl wearin headfones and tunin in to fm,from the shoe polisher on the platform to the 1st class traveller everyone wears, many a times i see road accidents due to the fm listenin...
  11. A

    Are Politicians Of India Traitor To Motherland

    We have seen dangerous politics in every field whether it's Army , Education , religion , castes etc . so did u people think that out politicians are traitor to mother land
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