1. B

    Presenting, the first ever "Offend an Indian Politician Competition"

    Hello guys As if their horrible leadership skills weren’t enough, Indian politicians have now started whining about their offended sensibilities. If you like me have been disgusted by the unconstitutional arrest of the cartoonist Aseem Trivedi then show your anger towards Indian Politicians by...
  2. azbokikr

    No more computerisation, stresses Mulayam Singh Yadav

    Read the whole story here. While the whole world is looking to progress forward, our great politicians are trying to take our country back to the stone-age. Computers dont run on their own, people are needed to operate it. It does not take away people's jobs, it just requires people to be more...
  3. confused

    Patna youth opens fire in Mumbai bus, shot dead

    TOI HT what the hell is happening??? people (read north indians) should understand that the views/actions of politicians dont reflect the mindset of the common man(read marathis). At the same time politicians crossing the line (by promoting regionalism, communalism) should be severely punished...
  4. amitabhishek

    Politicians making me sick

    Yday's trust vote in the parliament made me sick to the core. Trust politicians to stoop to a new low everyday. Now a third front is emerging which will apparently portray Mayawati as PM. Go die you politicians!!!! God bless this country!!!
  5. Plasma_Snake

    MPs blow whistles to bribes in Lok Sabha

    The on-going session of Lok Sabha has turned into one of the most dramatic and thriller scenario of Indian Politics when 3 MPs showed Rs. 1 Crore each in Cash, alleging it as bribe offered to them to abstinate from vote on the Nuclear Deal issue. Regular sessions of Lok Sabha already showed how...
  6. *GandaBerunda*

    Are we responsible for ensuring a stable government in india?

    after seeing the political drama in karantaka , i wonder if it is the politicians fault or it is ours? i feel we are more to blame than the politicians... what are your openions on this?
  7. hanwant

    Politicians should be banned from University Campus?

    Shoudln't we ban these politicians after the recent killing of the University professor by the one student group..supported by political parties?
  8. F

    Does the media have the right to perform sting operations against politicians??

    Well ppl, i have seen so many politicians blaming the media for snooping in on their private businessess. Do u support them?
  9. R

    Increase in Salaries of politicians...

    Hi frnds, do u agree with the mass increase in salaries of the politicians??? Will this step encourage more ppl to join politics? or the politicians will feel even high headed???? Or the increment in salaries is good for promoting the politics of our country.....(not talking about money...
  10. A

    Are Politicians Of India Traitor To Motherland

    We have seen dangerous politics in every field whether it's Army , Education , religion , castes etc . so did u people think that out politicians are traitor to mother land
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