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Anyone has seen DeadPool?

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I haven't seen DeadPool. I have found a lot of positive review on DeadPool. Anyone has seen this movie?


Sith Lord
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tried to check scenes. bookmyshow lists run time as 1 hour 51 minutes. IMDB lists it as 1 hour 48 minutes.
looks like we have 2 extra minutes.

- - - Updated - - -

oh ok 7 scenes were removed. def pass.
:( wanted to watch in theater.


In the zone
All of the sex scenes were removed. The scene where he shoots through three guys was cut. Scenes were either removed entirely or zoomed in (cropped) so you couldn't see the offending material.

The censorship in this country is more disgraceful than the actual scenes that were cut. It's an A movie.

Oh look, it's an A movie, so we can keep the F word, but remove everything else. Joke.


Grand Master
I saw it yesterday
if you didnt watch the trailer before, you wont miss anything :p yaah 3-4 times saw the dialogs were muted...sex scene is there...what do you want to see see, full nudity in movie hall?? Sorry I am not comfortable watching xx sex on movie hall, that too with girlfriend.


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Dialogues and actions scene should not have been cut, okay with any kind of nudity cut.

BTW censor board is really biased if we compare this movie's cut with kind of grand masti and kya kool hain hum.


Grand Master
I think hindi double meaning is ok .. its like "samjhne wala samjhega" but english guys directly say the words which can be censored :D
And I think we cant show more nudity then whats already shown in hall..hindi movie have the advantage...they max show in bikini and people are going crazzy on that :D :D
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