1. T

    Anyone has seen DeadPool?

    I haven't seen DeadPool. I have found a lot of positive review on DeadPool. Anyone has seen this movie?
  2. quagmire

    Facebook Manipulated User News Feeds To Create Emotional Responses

    Facebook Manipulated User News Feeds To Create Emotional Responses - Forbes
  3. vidhubhushan

    Positive Experience Snapdeal - Lucknow - TP-Link 300 Mbps Wireless N ADSL2+ Router (TD-W8968)

    Snapdeal - Lucknow - TP-Link 300 Mbps Wireless N ADSL2+ Router (TD-W8968) URL of product : TP-Link 300 Mbps Wireless N ADSL2+ Router (TD-W8968) - Buy @ Rs.2210/- Online | Snapdeal.com Date of purchase : 06-03-2014 Tracking ID / Order ID : 1787586896 Your PIN Code : 226016 Courier...
  4. Ricky

    Positive Experience Lots of things all positive

    I have purchased lots small gadgets those are generally hard to find and everything was in time and nicely delivered. Just sharing here as good work should be acknowledged.
  5. FilledVoid

    Question about Hosting services.

    I was recently asked by my uncle to get him some webspace for his small store and he gave me a link which I was to use as a reference. Here Has anyone actually used these services and found them to be positive? I ask cause when things tend to be too good to be true - it often is.
  6. cooljeba

    LG AN-WL100W Wireless setup

    Hi, I am planning to buy LG ANWL100 wireless device which would make my LG 42" TV totally wireless except the obvious power chord. Has anyone used this model before any thing similar ? Suggetions on Positive , Negative points ? I checked on ebay but couldn't find an...
  7. Jaskanwar Singh

    help in assembling a pc

    guys my question is that the mobo manual says that while connecting the front panel headers( power switch, reset switch...etc.) take care of the positive & negative pins.... but the wires with the cabinet do not mention + & -..:?::?:
  8. S

    Android Vs BADA VS Symbain Vs MAEMO

    Android Vs BADA VS Symbain Vs MEEMO Hello all, i read many post here and was very confused about this OS Wars in Mobile markets. According to My view there is mostly 5 OS Hot In market 1. Android (really Hot) 2. Symbain 3. Windows Mobile 4. meemo 5. BADA All has...
  9. Revolution


    This thread is for individual reviews by users in this forum.......... Location/Area: ISP: Package: Cost per Month: Positive Points: Negative Points: General View:
  10. P

    Seagate ST3500418AS OR ST3500320AS ?

    Hi, I am having a confusion choosing between ST3500418AS and ST3500320AS 500 GB hard drives. Prices are almost similar and here are the stuff i have seen about them: ST3500320AS: 11 th Gen Hard drives with some firmware issues but seagate released some firmware update - Negative point 32...
  11. saipradeepg

    Invitation required

    Hi Friends, Can you please send an invitation to saipradeepg@gmail.com for desitorrents. I'm in need of it. Hoping a positive response from your side. Thanks a lot in advance. Sai Pradeep
  12. deepak.krishnan

    "+" problems!!!

    Hello friends, Whenever I start my computer and start typing in something, "+" sign starts coming by its own for a number of times. I thought that it might be some sort of prank and tried to track it using avast antivirus , but ended up with no positive results. I am still unable to make out...
  13. arunks

    drivers needed plz fast

    where can i get sound and video drivers for d101ggc motherboard for fedora core 5.. if any body has these then plz anybody send them to me on my mail or upload them or give me link where can i get them.. waiting 4 positive responses..............
  14. anandk

    Firefox Reaches 200,000,000 Downloads.

    Mozilla is celebrating a very important milestone this week; the 200 millionth download of their open source web browser, Firefox. This news comes on the heels of the announcement that Firefox had recently passed 15% of the US market...39% of the market in Germany, and 24% in Australia...
  15. R


    HI ALL! I am using broadband from BSNL 250/- plan which permits only 400MB of downloading and uploading. I have some friends who use my PC to browse the net. I have to told them frequently not to download any thing from net but they could not resist. Is there any software or tweaks by which...
  16. D

    Autopatcher infected with trojans???

    I installed .NET framework from Autopatcher May 2005 edition. avast! detects a trojan in one of the installed files. Is this a false positive or other antivirus programs are detecting it too?
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