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any body like to quake

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28.8kbps is not really enough to play Q3 as the game says a minimum of a 33.6kbps.

OK, today I am starting a server a little early. IP is
I won't be online for long, say one hour, so make haste. The latency is gonna be pretty high with we being from all over the country. Also, I've never hosted a Q3 game before (with humans in it), so do bear with me.


siriusb said:
about 28.8kbps modems, it seems that you can play quite happily on one.

Thanks for this.

But i wanna know does version matter ??

Bcoz i have 1.27 version installed.

Whenever i search for servers it doesnt show up any.

Moreover when i entered the IP address specified by Sirius, it goes back to the main Menu.


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am not sure if version matters. I think it does not.

If it doesn't show any server, then it's probably set to "LAN" instead of Internet or maybe it's taking a bit longer to retrieve the list from the id master servers.

A lot of ppl asked but no one else wanted to come online? How about today at 11:00 PM? Anyone?

For anyone that's interested, Server at 10:00 PM at, port27960


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How much data transfer does an hour or so of online gaming consume. I really need to know this as i (like many people) have the dataone 256kbps connection which has a monthly limit of 400MB. I have a feeling that it consumes huge amount of download. I once played the NFSMW demo for 10-15 minutes and it consumed 45MB of Data.
This is an important issue. So someone, please help!


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@sirius ,add me to ur messenger list and inform me when u start ur server my yahoo id is tarey_g@yahoo.com(i think every one will have to add each other messenger or otherwise it will not be possible to play any game , forum cant do instant messenging) , i'll keep q3 installed on my comp :)
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