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mohnish : download avast or avg antivirus from here
use any one of them they r both good freeware.
run them;

and also download a good anti-spy like micsrosoft anti-spyware or adaware from
install, update and run them too.

if stl u think ur pc is infected, post ur hijackthis logfile here. :)



It could be true that killing or end Kaspersky process/es may be difficult than other AV programs.Lets assume this for a moment.But is it just not software after all? Software which can be exploited in one form or the other?

The reason you have provided for the same is beyond the scope of my knowledge.
I would appreciate it if you could backup your claims with some trustable source or prove the same to us which will eventually silence everyone including me.

may be kav cudnt be terminated from taskmanager for some other reasons... but ur reason is absurd i think.

Ditto.It doesnt make sense at all to be frank.


@ Virus
Dude ppl mistook u as meaning Heavy on resources when u said high on resources,
And i can kill processes of softwares which are heavy like hell -- ever heard of Avid freeDV or Pinnacle Liquid they ask for a minimum 1 GB ram so u may understand how much system heavy they should be and I can kill them thru task manager alright and KAV may be nothing comapared to them as they are professional video editing pakages ..

So the reason u gave for u not being able to kill it seems impossible..


Actually Virus knows very little but talks pages. Thats the problem with him.!!!

I use KAV and when u try to kill its process u get a 'Access Denied' dialog box. Keeping this in mind, Virus has constructed a story around telling something like, if its high on sys resources, it cannot be infected and stuffs like that.

In reality KAV cannot be killed in the higher level. But, at the OS level, using third party tools, any process can be killed. And if a virus is written to kill a process at the very lowest level in the OS itself, KAV cannot escape. There r many tools in the Net, which allows u to modify memory resident programs .exes and .dlls on the fly. Writing a virus in a similar fashion can get any process killed or modified.

And finally I know what I am talking...unlike 'u know whom!'. :lol:


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Why are you posting cr@p ..

Bloatwares are high on resources .. thats why NAV is so effective
(Thanks to norton .. I have always been protected)

If you worry about bloatware and resourses,

Why dont you try .. AntiVir,
.. I have been using this now ..
Its very low on resources at the same time very effective!


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Access denied box is what I was talking to..if you somehow can kill that process with Ur "special" memory resident program let me know too I would b thankful...

full of pages without knowledge?? I am with I said...that u cant end KAV....instead of pin pointing others please get me the way to kill it and u got a chance to justify what Ur blabbering...wud b's cud b's will b always b me what u say is possible.....
@raven | @ rollcage

I clarified on the part of high read the earlier post


I have tried most of the Av softz present and I strongly feel that AVG is best if u need an AV which is low on sys resources, user-friendly and above all FREE!!!!

I like KAV if better protection is a concern....(ifu r connected to internet or so)....

I didn't like Bitdefender, Avast, AntiVir etc. just because their interface didnt seem very friendly n they ditched me wen I needed them the most (wen my PC got infected with a virus); at that time KAV came at the top, it detected n removed all the viruses....although AVG too ditched me at that time, still i like it coz of its nice interface n s respectsble amount of detection capability...

Well, my alltime fav was Innoculate IT (which has been modified and renamed to eZ AV) bcoz of the sheer ease-of-use it gave.....

Anyways, as has been said earlier, its a matter of personal liking that v choose an AV so try diff AV's available n use whichever u find comfortable to use.

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it seems dat no-one remembers digit anti-virus fast track.

DUDE, get NOD32 its da best around.

Note - above mentioned AV is nothing related to Norton.


cybermanas said:
Avast! definitely low on sys resources and free.

And ucan apply skins to it- too kind of intresting tho I do not understand why wud any wat to skin his AV Wat if it makes ur software more system heavy???
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