Anonymous to shut down internet on March 31st

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A recent threat, purportedly from the hacker group Anonymous, stated boldly that its members would stop the internet on 31 March.


What do you guys think? They can do it?


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Stop the Internet :O
Well I wont underestimate them. Let 31 March come and what happens.

**checking calender and seeing if its April 1**


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Shutting down the net? I don't think even God can do that.

Nice joke

IT would still be one day early to make whole world April's FOOL

My thoughts exactly.

But, considering that it's Anonymous, I don't think they fool around much.


By Internet they Might mean "Google"..That is kinda whole Internet :lol:

@op always quote some of it if not whole article here in thread..

If the threats issued by Anonymous are to be believed, then Internet users, globally, should be prepared for this Saturday, the 31st of March, for it is on this day that Anonymous plans to take down the Internet, confirms a Pastebin post. Anonymous have drawn up a rough plan of how they plan to carry out this task. They plan to attack the 13 root DNS servers of the Internet. While there are plenty of DNS servers, all hosted by ISPs and organizations, they all are interconnected and everything roots from these 13 primary DNS servers. Anonymous sounds confident, so much so that they have even listed down the servers they plan on attacking. DNS servers are responsible for resolving domain names to IP address. Without any DNS servers functioning properly, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to access web sites by names.

No Internet this weekend?

Anonymous has made it clear that they aren’t really taking down the Internet, but will be temporarily disabling it. All the hundreds and thousands of DNS that rely on these 13 root DNS servers have caching, so technically they should still be functional, but Anonymous says clearly that there’s a timeout period for this caching, after which those will be rendered useless as well. To carry out this attack of mammoth proportions, Anonymous has put together a software they’re calling the Reflective DNS Amplification DDoS tool, which is based on Antisec’s DHN DDoS tool. There are supposedly bug fixes made to the tool and it’s been optimized for performance.

There are major loopholes in the way services work and Anonymous feels that a major bug in the way DNS servers work will let them overload the servers by sending a small amount of information and requesting much more from the servers. The trick it appears is not to attack the 13 DNS servers directly, but to request that data from other vulnerable DNS servers on the web, which will indirectly bombard the root servers. The links for the tools and information on how to use them are made available freely. It’s hard to predict what will really happen - whether the authorities will rush to plug all the security holes by the weekend causing the attack to fail or if Anonymous will collect enough volunteers to really take down the DNS network or partially disable it. If they are successful in completly turning off the DNS network, this would be the largest and possibly the most damaging event on the Internet in its history.

source: tech2


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I found this. The actual message from Anonymous on pastebin:

"The greatest enemy of freedom is a happy slave."

To protest SOPA, Wallstreet, our irresponsible leaders and the beloved
bankers who are starving the world for their own selfish needs out of
sheer sadistic fun, On March 31, anonymous will shut the Internet down.


In order to shut the Internet down, one thing is to be done. Down the
13 root DNS servers of the Internet. Those servers are as follow:


By cutting these off the Internet, nobody will be able to perform a
domain name look-up, thus, disabling the HTTP Internet, which is,
after all, the most widely used function of the Web. Anybody entering
"*" or ANY other url, will get an error page,
thus, they will think the Internet is down, which is, close enough.
Remember, this is a protest, we are not trying to 'kill' the Internet,
we are only temporarily shutting it down where it hurts the most.

While some ISPs uses DNS caching, most are configured to use a low
expire time for the cache, thus not being a valid failover solution
in the case the root servers are down. It is mostly used for speed,
not redundancy.

We have compiled a Reflective DNS Amplification DDoS tool to be used for
this attack. It is based on AntiSec's DHN, contains a few bugfix, a
different dns list/target support and is a bit stripped down for speed.

The principle is simple; a flaw that uses forged UDP packets is to be
used to trigger a rush of DNS queries all redirected and reflected to
those 13 IPs. The flaw is as follow; since the UDP protocol allows it,
we can change the source IP of the sender to our target, thus spoofing
the source of the DNS query.

The DNS server will then respond to that query by sending the answer to
the spoofed IP. Since the answer is always bigger than the query, the
DNS answers will then flood the target ip. It is called an amplified
because we can use small packets to generate large traffic. It is called
reflective because we will not send the queries to the root name servers,
instead, we will use a list of known vulnerable DNS servers which will
attack the root servers for us.

DDoS request ---> [Vulnerable DNS Server ] <---> Normal client requests
| ( Spoofed UDP requests
| will redirect the answers
| to the root name server )
[ 13 root servers ] * BAM

Since the attack will be using static IP addresses, it will not rely
on name server resolution, thus enabling us to keep the attack up even
while the Internet is down. The very fact that nobody will be able to
make new requests to use the Internet will slow down those who will try
to stop the attack. It may only lasts one hour, maybe more, maybe even
a few days. No matter what, it will be global. It will be known.


download link in #opGlobalBlackout
The tool is named "ramp" and stands for Reflective Amplification. It is
located in the \ramp\ folder.

----------> Windows users

In order to run "ramp", you will need to download and install these two

WINPCAP DRIVER - WinPcap · Download

The Winpcap driver is a standard library and the TOR client is used as
a proxy client for using the TOR network.

It is also recommended to use a VPN, feel free to choose your own flavor of this.

To launch the tool, just execute "\ramp\launch.bat" and wait. The attack
will start by itself.

----------> Linux users

The "ramp" linux client is located under the \ramp\linux\ folder and
needs a working installation of python and scapy.

Read more: On March 31, anonymous will shut the Internet down : News & World Events

"He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither."
Benjamin Franklin

We know you won't listen. We know you won't change. We know it's because
you don't want to. We know it's because you like it how it is. You bullied
us into your delusion. We have seen you brutalize harmless old womans who were
protesting for peace. We do not forget because we know you will only use that
to start again. We know your true face. We know you will never stop. Neither
are we. We know.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not Forgive.
We do not Forget.
You know who you are, Expect us.



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One day no internet that suppose to be on some working day not weekends

It would be awesome if only running


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One day no internet that suppose to be on some working day not weekends

It would be awesome if only running

That'd piss off a lot of the RIAA/MPAA guys. But, I think trackers would be affected too.


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I Guess there planning to Troll the World :p.Cause more than half of the world will exprenice this on 1st april


Wow!! Anonymous are unpredictable.
Though we will not be able to access internet but "kuch paane ke liye kuch khona padta hai" ;)


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Oh the solution is not use http
Donno how sucessful this raid will b its a bit diff from other raids in the sense that this one wont have the chance to spread via social networks and get reinforcements crashing the party. Still dont buy the bit where they can continue the attack even when its down. That looks a little fishy like dividing by zero.
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