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An alternate to Nero

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Hello all,

I have been using Nero fro quite sometime since v4. Now version 8 is out there and when I tried it my machine conked off. Actually Nero became too heavy just as all the other applications. So my question here is, is there any alternative program to my beloved Nero that is light weighted on the system and just does the same things what Nero does.



seriosly mykey..even i am planning to shift on other soft...

Nero kinda kills the system..!!

Besides i am not sure if it burns better than other softs..

Theres only called Cheetah CD/DVD Burner..heard its very lite on system..


Rozio is the best alternate of Nero.
However Nero is the best CD burning software...!!! :D


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There are many free alternatives to Nero, there is a thread also on this I think... Two good alternatives I have used are CD Burner XP Pro and Deep Burner...

Personally, nowadays, I am using the Nero OEM which came with the Writer, and I installed only the burner software, and it is working fine...


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Infrarecorder is a good alternative to Nero.;)

If you have got the Digit CD which gave Ashampoo burning studio,then try it also.But this is just a basic software.Won't give you much on features.
If you are not a power user then Ashampoo is simple & fuss free.(You have to register to make it full version)

You give these softwares a try & pick which is good for you.


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I tried out Infrarecorder. Look kewl. Its only 3.33 MB in size and uses only 2 MB of RAM when idle. So its kewl. Lets see how it goes with my CD/DVD creations.


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if u luv NERO bt latest version causing a problem then u can revert back 2 older version ......

am doing the same .... when 7 just started 2 eat more resources, i just switched back 2 version 6 .... stable & easy 2 work with .......

though i dont know abt any other softies ......

bt only problem is 4 multisession dvdr ..... just cannot perform it ...... do which other softy supports\rites dvdr PERFECTLY ?
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