AMD Reality Check at FX GamExperience

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FX GamExperience is currently being held at Texas by AMD & hardOCP. AMD has set up four test systems in two groups for head to head tests. Testers were asked to vote for the system which gives the better gaming experience. AMD officially called it AMD Reality Check. The voting card was like this:-


In the first group, the two systems were powered by Intel Core i3-2105 with Intel HD Graphics 3000 IGP & AMD A8-3850 with Radeon HD 6550D IGP respectively. The results were like this, no surprises:-

System A (Intel Core i3-2105): 5 Votes
System B (AMD A8-3850): 136 Votes
No Difference: 2 Votes

The next group has a Intel i7 2700k on P67 mobo and a FX8150 on 990FX mobo. Both the systems had 8GB RAM & a single HD7970 driving an Eyefinity setup. Here comes the shocker:-

System C (Intel Core i7-2700K): 40 Votes
System D (AMD FX-8150): 73 Votes

No Difference: 28 Votes

Any idea guys, what to deduce from this?



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^^ There shouldn't be any real world performance differences to the naked eye. So the cheaper system came out on trumps. This also may be and probably is biased.


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they want to show FX is better than Core i7 or at least match.

i agree, A8 will beat an i3 easily. but for the FX series, a system is not used for gaming only.


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It deduced that People are still going for the World's 1st 8 Core Processor, irrespective of the performance. Also as per the current pricing, FX8150 + 990FX is a better combo. So AMD's marketing is working pretty good.


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Problem is the users have no idea what is running behind those PCs, so they vote purely on their gameplay experience. That's why the results are baffling for the 2nd group.

Unless AMD trick with settings.


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Wrold's first 8 core processor advertisement might not impress tech nerds, but it does it, to normal users and which AMD and all other companies want.
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