Amazing File Sharing Tool!

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This may be a bit old but still i wanted to share it with everyone.

If u regularly email or share large files to ur friends, u can use for uploading ur files. Just upload the file u want to share, and send the file to ur friend or urself using dropsend. This way, u can share multiple files using a single click. The space currently being offered is only 250MB though.

Now, the above description may sound a bit too odd as there are many file sharing sites like AMD Vault (25GB storage), and many more but the most amazing thing about "dropsend" is the upload speeds. The upload speed is blistering... and reaches nearly 100Kpbs from my office connection. If i upload the same file using other free sites or use regular email it would take ages to upload but with dropsend it is blistering fast...

I would surely test the upload speeds from my MTNL 256 kbps connection.

So, this is a must try for everyone...

Try it and share ur experiences...
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