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!! RecuZant By Birth !!
Dont know who is ZooZoo .... ???


Now you know ....

....... join in for discussion...
watever the reaction be ...still its simply a great innovation in terms of advertising concept. i just love these zooozoos ..(cnt say the ppl inside them though :p) ....


!! RecuZant By Birth !!
they will ignore so that it wont get that reception ... so it will go unnotice..

we are the best always .. only thing is we are selling ideas and brain to foreign countries... for huge money....


Hey guys,
zoozoo's are not animatied characters in this ad.
they are real peoples dressed with foam stuffs.

actors were picked up from mumbai drama crews.
only lean woman and children played in this ad.


Gracias Senor
wat a concept??? zoozoo rocks.. these zoozoo dnt talk..they only squeak.. and their squeakin is pretty awesome..

d/l all the zoozoo ads legally from here..


I personally like their laugh and grumbling..and my best ad is the international roaming..pretty awesome and somewhr i read the squeaks in this ads are all eatable names in malayalam..can any mallu confirm??

wat a idea..O&M rocks..but vodafone really s**ks..personally for me..


Third Eye
Wow! Creativity 8) I just love those ads. My favorite is of course, Beauty Tips! :lol: The snoring sound is rotfl'ing!
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