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All School Kids Here!

Pick wisely

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We actually need someone like vaibhavtek who provides some or the other type of comic relief to us.........:(


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Agreed... he was the reason we laughed so much on Digit IRC channel...:D

We need someone genuinly n00b now...


Think Zen.
He was fool who used to think that we are fools........:D



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Thread cleaned, vaibhavtek_returns and technology_mad banned permanently.. I spent a LOT of time cleaning this thread.. Dont expect me to do it again. One more off topic post, and im gonna close this thread..


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There is one thing for sure......that vaibhavtek_returns was a real genius as he spotted vaibhavtek in disguise a.k.a technology_mad

Edit: Chalo yaar.......Stop this discussion on vaibhavtek. This thread has more or less become vaibhavtek's thread....:(
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