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::All PINK FLOYD fans here::

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Right off the assembly line

I invite all Pink Floyd fans to share your thoughts about this Amazing Band...from any random comment to anything.......

As for me , I'm in love with this band............An addicted band...........

My favorite album: Wish You were Here and Dark Side Of The Moon


I have Yolks not Brains!
is it a band?I thought its some female singer or something.Noob me.:(

Really..................They are one of the most famous band ever..............wiki link

I personally am a Very Big fan of Pink Floyd , they are probably my all time favorite band, after The Beatles, that is.

My favorite song by them is Shine On You Crazy Diamond.....(26 minute long :))

As for favorite album, its hard to decide. It changes every minute.


Pee into the Wind...
Me too a big floyd fan.1 of every 3 songs i Listen to is a floyd composition.:D.Too bad the band is no more.:(
My fav floyd songs are:
High Hopes
Goodbye Blue Sky
Brain Damage

Their lyrics are totally outta this world.!!


High without substance...
I usually do not like bands, but these ppl really rock. my fav band.

comfortably numb
wish you were here
the great gig in the sky
another brick in the wall


Certified Nutz
Ooooh yeah... Floyd ROXXX!!!

My favourite albums would have to be The Wall, The Dark Side of the Moon and The Division Bell.

But I just love those live performances. Just search for some of those videos on YouTube or Google Video.
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