6630 or 6680 or 6681 or v3i?????

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krazyfrog said:
Actually going for 6681 seems more logical than going for 6680. But the only reason i suggested 6680 is because quiet a lot of people on this forum are saying that 3G is gonna launched in India soon. So if you're gonna use your cell for a year or more then you'll be able to enjoy 3G on 6680. But if you think you don't need 3G or not gonna wait for it, then 6681 seems like the second best choice to me.

I vote for 6681 over 6680 and as the overall choice!


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Guyz I just visited a shop and they said that Nokia has stopped producing 6680!!!! I contacted 2 more reliable shops and they said the same thing.....

So now its 6630 vs 6681!!!


You didn't read my post properly. I never said E60 (which i know is outta your budget and would be quiet foolish to recommend that). I said E50 which comes for around 12.5k and should come within your budget.


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of those .. 6630 .. is excellent .. a class phone
keypad is too smooth .. best in all phones i have ever seen.
I use Spod radio and other stuff, roktv
no problem with good 1gb card

6680/81 are same no diff.. same in everything they suk bcoz of slower performance than 6630, and 6680/81 has worst keypad..

V3i .. is kool, but if it had fm radio or symiban .. it would have been a best selling, the interface or software on it is crap. but its for looks.

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