1. 047

    Urget help for V3i apps !!!

    Hi, i m using Vodafone gprs on my V3i (iTunes). Its in built browser is working fine with its gprs settings but no application is running with it. Although these apps are working with BSNL and Airtel. What is the problem can anybody plz help in making these apps run on my v3i with vodafone...
  2. vikramkh

    using operamini in razr v3i with cellone gprs

    am not able to figure how to install opera mini using cellone gprs for north region in my moto razr v3i can anyone help me how
  3. S

    Moto RAZR V3i For Sale With All Accesories!

    I am selling my RAZR V3i phone. The phone is without bill and was bought one month before..The phone is absolutely scratchless and comes with all accesories includind a 128MB memory card, earphones, car charger, manual, usb cable, cd, charger, etc..... I am expecting around 5500 for this...
  4. S

    Moto Razr V3i (Black) - 1.5 Month Old For Sale

    I am selling my 1.5 Months Old Motorola Razr V3i since i want to buy a 3G enabled phone. The phone comes with bill. I bought it from outside india so please check whether the warranty is appalicable in India. Expected Price Rs.6000 Location- Ropar (Punjab) Accesories: Box, Earphones, Car...
  5. RCuber

    Motorola V3i Query.

    Hey guys , I wanted to know if V3i supports MicroSD cards of above 1GB as I want to go for a 2GB or 4GB card . Also is there any restriction on number of songs it can play using the built in iTunes?
  6. S

    Motorola V3i And V3X - Which One Should I buy?

    As the thread says, i am not able to decide between the V3i and V3x. The v3X has a 2MP camera and 3g support while V3i is much slimmer. Please suggest me. Thanks.
  7. sourav

    How to make miniusb connection with usb

    I have the connectors of miniusb and usb. i want to know that to which point should i connect wire to the which point. mini usb (5 pin) the one used with motorola v3i and some chinese mp3/mp4 players.
  8. K

    vista compatability prob with razr v3i and n70

    hey .. recently i bought a hp laptop , windows vista was preinstalled . nw after tht when i installed nokia pc suite(for n70 me) and the moto phone tools(for motorazr v3i) ... none of my fones r getting installed properly . phones r detected .. bt then windows is asking for drivers ..i then...
  9. P

    RAZR V3i

    Is Motorola V3i is good.....any users of that? I'm looking for SE K750i or Motorola RAZR V3i. Which is good?
  10. B


    how can i save my smses on the computer for motorazr v3i?
  11. emailaatif786

    Motorola V3i vs V3.

    What is difference between Motorola V3i and Motorola V3? What are their costs in India and, which costs more? Which one should be better to purchase(2nd Hand)? How much should I pay from that USED set? Can I change thier Bodycover from Golden to Silver, and what would its bodycover cost?
  12. caje143

    N73 Ir Remote

    Hi everyone... few weeks back i had read a post where we can turn our Mobiles into TV/DVD/VCD player remotes with the help of IR... well is it possible for Nokia N73 ME and also is it possible for Motorolla Razr V3i... if possible where can i get the software.. are there any free softwares...
  13. D

    motorola v3i ?

    can i download application in my motorola v3i ???????? i want to download answer machine but i do not know how can it be done.......plz help......
  14. sid_ashok

    Which one?-SE K750i, W550i, W300i, or Moto Rzr V3i

    I have budget around 8-10 k Which one?-SE K750i, W550i, W300i, or Moto Rzr V3i I love flap phone thats why w300i and moto v3i
  15. A

    Motorola RAZR V3i.....

    hey plz help me to download the softwares n games for Motorola RAZR V3i. plz give me the link . and thankz in advance ....
  16. maharajadhiraj

    6630 or 6680 or 6681 or v3i?????

    Guyz I need to get a new mobile...Wich 1 shud i go for out of da 4 phones i mentioned (6630 or 6680 or 6681 or v3i) I am not too sure of v3i cos its sound quality isnt good and its camera is fair...
  17. thetopcyborg

    Want to store messages in memory card or phone memory(Motorazr V3i)

    hey all... i own a motorazr v3i... i use the 256 mb mem card that comes with it... the thing is that i can store very less messages-about 69 even when i hv a lot of free space in the phone memory and the memory card... what i can guess is that the message memory is reserved differently...
  18. abhinavrakesh

    Gmail In Motorola Razr V3i

    Hey Guys, Anyone Here Use V3i To Check Gmail, Mine Gives The Error Of Cookies Disabled, I Am Using Airtel NOP (Net On Phone) ..If Anyone Get It To Work For G-Mail Please Tell Us Here
  19. abhinavrakesh

    Motorola V3i With ITunes, Common Problems With Common Solutions

    First Thing First, How You All Send And Receive e-mails (Gmail) By Your Motorola v3i ... v3i Has Inbuilt e-mail client for sending and receiving e-mails (with support for SSL transmission Enabled) without opening a browser, just like mozilla thunderbird, or outlook express ..so why peoples...
  20. sourav

    Motorola V3i new look (Gold)

    By now we all know about the RAZR V3i and all the style it flaunts. Most of you either own one or for that matter might have even gifted it to a dear one. The phone was already doing so well as regards to style, even then designers DOLCE & GABBANA (DG) have redesigned the RAZR. Now the...
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