512kbps/1mbps/2mbps Unlimited Plans by MTNL Delhi!

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Ankur Gupta

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MTNL has finally taken cue from BSNL and has gone a step further by introducing unlimited plans upto 2mbps!

Have a look at the pricing below :

Although the pricing is high but atleast we consumers have a choice to choose between high speed plans and hopefully in future prices will drop down to reasonable levels.

Also we can expect Airtel to come up with such plans with lower prices.

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Ankur Gupta

Ankur Gupta

Wandering in time...
The 512kbps UL Plan is a combo plan with 500 free calls, so take 500 bucks away and it comes down to 1500 bucks which is just a tad higher than BSNL's 512kbps UL which is at 1350.


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fits rightly for all those internet cafe owners...!!!

but this is still not in reach of home users !!!

we need 512 UL for 500 Rs
and 1 mb UL for atleast within 1.5k


Will someone ask them to cut out the billing for phone. I do not want 500 free calls but I deseperately need a faster connection!


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I have Tata Indicom NIGHT unlimited 2Mbps at just 400. Yeah still not true unlimited but this baby delivers good.
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