1000+ reasons never to buy any Apple products


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iSheep deserve to have a discussion without non users / haters bombing the party

so going to transfer all jokes / image macros / off topic statements from all Apple related threads to this thread.

Here is a collection from over the years. Enjoy.
1000 Apple products is only for Snob value
999 Microsoft gives MSN messenger for free
998 Apple copied media centre
997 Imagine if Henry Ford had patented all 4 wheeler cars
996 Rich boys are stupid
995 Apple users don't care about repairing
994 There is nothing special about free updates
993 It is made for US custmers, not for Indians
992 Apple is not a winner
991 Gaming sucks on Mac
990 no wi-fi hotspot in previous models
989 Just use stardock instead of buying a Macbook
988 Eminem sued Apple over iTunes downloads
987 Even refurbed pieces are so costly.
986 iOS sucks unless you are a noob
985 Its nothing new
984 Apple didn't make iTunes, they bought it from another company
983 It is a waste of money
982 The file format is unsupported
981 you can get larger screen and same specs for cheaper
980 I have to use iTunes
979 Its available for USD 199 but here for USD 999
978 I don't see how a laptop with Macbook specifications is better than a laptop of this company with so and so specifications
977 Apple are huge iDiots
976 Apple copied virtual desktop from Linux
975 QuickTime is integrated too much in MacoS
974 India does not have an Apple store yet
973 Apple is clearly a niche segment player
972 Low income people have a more discerning eye
971 I hate apple products
970 Im at McDonalds, and want to use my phone. Tomato sauce on my touchscreen, yeah right.
969 Macboys cannot fix their problems themselves
968 Why does Apple not use mp
967 iTunes is a fresh salvo against the free world
966 A stylus is better interface because it protects the phone from smudges and damage
965 No point paying so much
964 Apple cannot expect existing iPod users to leave their stuff and buy an iPhone
963 The apps are paid
962 You will regret your decision
961 You have to carry yellow cloth around to keep cleaning the screen
960 No explandable memory
959 Uninnovative company mentality
958 A GS3 with iOS would have been better
957 Not powerful enough for today's needs
956 Do I need iTunes to watch a TV channel as well?
955 DRM content
954 Build quality of iPhone with Android OS would be great
953 the price : feature ratio is horrible
952 No multitasking, what a waste
951 You really want to pay apple for apps and games?
950 Same old boring design
949 An assembled PC with the specs of a Mac won't cost more than XK
948 Apple hardware does not give you many options
947 No plug and play
946 Link to oatmeal comic on what it's like to be an apple user What it's like to own an Apple product - The Oatmeal
945 You have to use iPod for songs purchased for iTunes
944 There is no turning back once you buy it
943 Two of my friend's who bought it aren't satisfied
942 The BSD license permits you to steal
941 Why buy a phone when I can upgrade my computer
940 It is tough to set your own collection as ringtone
939 iPad vs Stone.jpg
938 Apple is for editors/ photographers/ fanbois only
937 Despite supporting EDGE, the phone doesn't support any IM client compatible with Yahoo etc
936 How do you Alt+Middle Click on a trackpad to rotate the viewport in 3Ds Max?
935 This tablet has bigger zoom, bigger memory, bigger display, bigger processor
934 You can even buy an Akash tablet for reading ebooks
933 Apple's innovation is that looks are everything
932 Very bad price to performance ratio
931 Do your homework, here are some specs
930 Indians don't listen to music while travelling
929 Apple makes a big deal out of giving last year's specifications
928 Apple is the new Microsoft
927 I ah happy with HTC Hero
926 if you want something easy to use, get an Android
925 Apple is catching up to new standards, they were once setting the new standards
924 No virus on Mac because Mac is based on Linux
923 The iPhone is for stupid users
922 Apple is taking short sighted decisions
921 All the OS update features are not available in older models
920 Who cares about iPhones or iPods, my Creative Zen micro rocks
919 Girls like to show off
918 Scarlett Johansson's photos were hacked
917 A4 chip is not Apple's own chip
916 Sony and Nintendo are not active on the App store
915 Apple is leeching from open source community
914 Wi-Fi is available in India only in corporates or as Wi-Max
913 The warranty is costly
912 For a normal Indian, iPhones are expensive
911 If you love a machine so much, the Matrix will be here before expected
910 The company makes overpriced junk
909 Apple is desperate to increase market share
908 Apple has bad specifications
907 I've heard lots of complaints about iPhone's quality
906 No customization
905 Apple is a cult
904 HTC has better build quality
903 Random Steve Jobs and Bill Gates image macro
902 The biggest mistake Apple has done is run everything with root privileges on the iPhone
901 They will sue fruit vendors, makers of iPill and those people whose names begin with an I
900 Apple is insane
899 iPhone is pure robbery
898 No cell phone integration with iPod anno
897 Apple customers spread the Apple feeling like a contagious plague
896 Had a bad experience with an authorised reseller
895 Suckers born every minute. LOL.
894 Apple is as vulnerable as Windows
893 Apple store randomly bans apps from the store, at it's pleasure
892 Power button and Volume buttons keep changing locations
891 Apple has gone Mad!
890 Apple is a patent troll
889 Need to jailbreak to unlock advanced functionality
888 Apple is designed for graphic designers
887 iPhone sucks
886 No Flash
885 The Apple store policies are authoritarian and restrictive
884 If only it could run Windows XP
883 You get ringtone for free on the net! Apple charge you Rs 15 per ringtone!
882 Apple is desperate for money
881 Apple is a rampaging demon
880 Cannot easily take out sim card
879 Windows is great for software development, Mac has IDEs for only JAVA, carbon and cocoa
878 What is the point of a touch screen phone which has an iPod and an iPod
877 Apple ecosystem is expensive
876 Apple may sue you too
875 Accept it, Andros are better in almost everything
874 Owning a Mac does not mean that it is better
873 Apple sold it's soul by shifting to Intel
872 People are not keen on browsing internet on mobile phones
871 Apple is forcing out swadeshi products in favour of firangi junk
870 These guys sell old junk from US at dirt cheap prices
869 Apple does not focus on price or value, but on the exclusive nature of the product
868 If Apple releases MacOS publicly it won't be as stable
867 Dumb population cannot recognize a monopoly
866 Apple is an arrogant company
865 Prices fall, just because it retailed at a high price does not mean you can sell it for 1/2 the price a year later
864 A phone should be a phone primarily
863 iTunes is the most sucking thing
862 Apple store does not allow developers to easily distribute daily builds
861 iRob. iDamn. iNsane.
860 iRiver Clix is the end of all portable media players
859 Apple has no right to call other companies copycats
858 Only if you have lots of cash lying around, buy an Apple
857 Performance wise Apple sucks
856 The features in Apple software are very common
855 Have to live with compromises
854 Height of fanboyism! Buying an Apple product.
853 Android users had this stuff for years
852 Apple might sue fruit vendors
851 iPhone 5 is just extended edition of iPhone 4S
850 OSX only works on Apple hardware
849 Apple is richer than US Government
848 Who even cares? Don't buy it! Your loss!
847 Unlocked phones are more expensive
846 Cisco sued iPhone
845 Less free apps
844 They keep changing the charging interface
843 I would choose Apple Hardware and Microsoft Software
842 You need to spend $1 on the volume control app on Apple TV
841 Apple's predictive text input will not work on regional languages
840 Cannot delete default apps
839 We Indians are show offs who don't care for VFM
838 Indians don't use QWERTY keyboards
837 You just feel superior by owning an Apple product
836 Macbook air is a joke
835 It's a good paperweight
834 Less media codecs support
833 Apple dumps its products in India
832 Apple follows in Microsoft's footsteps
831 They have not managed to challenge Microsoft's monopoly
830 Apple patent everything
829 Steve Jobs told the Chief Financial Officer to backdate stock options
828 Apple started this mess
827 Apple = Cheating
826 My taste differs
825 You can't stare at it always
824 Apple is Evil incarnate
823 Apple releases new version with missing features and calls it revolutionary
822 Now Apple's legacy has gone with the wind
821 Apple is not developed for the masses
820 I can't afford it
819 The memory space is limited
818 Apple is an American company and the winner is USA
817 for a phone there is no need of providing ultra size HD
816 A wall charger is not included, Apple charges exhorbitantly for this "accessory"
815 I am fed up with fanboyism
814 iPhones cannot install third party applications
813 No one cares about Apple, just look at market share in Europe
812 iPhone batteries die in 40 minutes
811 Apple is a designer label tech company
810 Lumia is better for closed ecosystems. 10 times better.
809 I can buy a netbook for the price of an iPad which will let me do 10x more things
808 Apple is no good after Steve Jobs
807 no sane person would invest in hours to search and hack apple
806 Dumb to have no Bluetooth
805 The Macbooks are good, but the phones suck
804 iPhone is a disaster and junk, but a good PMP
803 Close ecosystem is too restrictive
802 Dropping FireWire is annoying
801 The problem is not the hardware, but the OS itself
800 To use an iPhone, you have to have a Mac powered PC
799 I was expecting higher storage capacity
798 Everyone knows Apple is not VFM
797 Apple is no longer the trend setter
796 Every Tom, Dick and Harry has an iPod, what makes you special?
795 Apple does not offer international warranty in India
794 The Average person cannot hack it
793 Apple is expensive because they try to run Mac OS everywhere where not required
792 They are losing public interest
791 It is not worth the price of freedom
790 Why can't Apple use micro-usb for charging
789 Apple keynote is available only on Apple devices
788 Apple is really testing my nerves
787 Apple is too child friendly
786 Dock is stylish, that's it
785 US is a slave of Apple
784 Not a fan of features and apps
783 Not useful for most people
782 You can buy two televisions for the price of one phone
781 Mac users act elitist because they are a minority
780 Only rich people like to buy iPhone
779 Totally insane to buy in India
778 It takes at least - months before coming to India
777 Android has similar offerings for lesser price
776 Buying Apple devices is senseless worship
775 Only for those who have no intention of upgrading
774 Does apple use gold components?
773 Apple costs twice original price in India
772 Lumia 920 has zero lag interface
771 TV without a remote LOL
770 There is a sticker on Macs, "Warranty void if seal broken"
769 Apple OS doomed by Spyware
768 Apple is under heavy losses
767 Get it if you want to flaunt it
766 Changing wallpaper is a hack?
765 Apple has declared thermo-nuclear war on Android
764 Apple's business model hurts puppies
763 Camera bulging out is a new method for selling new cases
762 Apple is secretive till the last moment
761 It does not have FM radio
760 Windows is like OSX
759 Apple is Arrogant
758 You will find huge increase in prices which are taxes
757 Apple no longer makes secure OS because a Russian hacker hacked IAP
756 Cannot pirate easily on the iPhone
755 In Europe and Asia, people want VFM
754 iPad is just an overpriced iPod touch
753 Why not wait for a year? It will be in India then
752 Apple is a bunch of lawyers
751 Apple apps will either be add supported or paid
750 My uncle's iPhone 4 had problems with swipe to answer
749 if you don't fiddle with settings or experiment, get a Mac
748 There is hardly any piracy for apple, it will be hard to find software
747 I don't want them to become too popular because it will take away some of the coolness factor and elitism
746 Mobile internet rates in India are very high
745 You fanboys are making it hard for people
744 iPad has no USB port
743 Apple bleeds their customers
742 Mac is not the most secure and compatible any more
741 Macs are for people who want fancy laptops for web browsing
740 Difficult to learn to use mac as a windows user
739 Apple with AMD would have been a lot better
738 Faster processor on phones? For What?
737 No Vista Media centre on it
736 Apple maps does not have turn by turn navigation
735 So many limitations
734 Can you make calls with an iPod? Isn't that stupid?
733 Creative products are far better than iPod
732 Samsung releases better phones 6 months before Apple
731 The Zune rocks
730 This phone (insert phone name here) is the iPhone killer. The iPhone is dead.
729 Apple has to be collapsed
728 Macs are only for older people
727 Very underwhelming, no NFC, No HD
726 Apple devices have high aspiration value
725 No games on Mac
724 Who wants looks?
723 Steve Jobs took drugs and abandoned his family
722 the devices are not for geeks
721 There is nothing an iPhone can do that an LG shine bar editon can't do
720 If there were no nano sim, would order it right now
719 unless Apple finds a way of playing videos for 6 hours there is no point
718 Windows is not bad
717 Apple has rotten corporate ethics
716 the users are brainwashed
715 Don't want Apple to become too popular because then it will become popular for hackers and stuff
714 Apple does not know how the Indian market works
713 Dashboard is a ripoff of Konfabulator
712 This is actually proof that human race is devolving into primitive creatures
711 I am waiting for phone by Zune brand
710 Tim Cook apologised for sad implementation of maps in iOS 6
709 The days of Windows BSOD are over with Vista and XPSP2
708 Other options have more flexibility in software and upgrades and stuff
707 I have never used an Apple PC
706 The devices are overpriced
705 Battery is not replaceable
704 Apple is jealous of Samsung
703 They added burn files to CD later in Mac OS
702 Regional restrictions of Apps on the App store
701 Apple makes loads of money through their accessories
700 The sound quality of iBuds is not good
699 Apple says India is not a big market for them
698 iOS 7 interface makes users sick
697 I don't blindly sing the apple tune
696 People who purchased an iPad a few months back got trolled
695 Apple pulled up in Taiwan for interfering with pricing
694 Apple copied the "iconic" clock design
693 People are not stupid/ignorant
692 Isn't Apple just making usability tough?
691 Apple pays low wages to the manufacturing units
690 Microsoft invested $150 million in Apple
689 Be wise regarding tech
688 Indians are very price conscious
687 Google is innovative too
686 Apple fears competition
685 Can I run Crysis on Apple?
684 iTunes is a real memory hog
683 Buying a mac definitely means you are converted into a religion
682 Dont be obsessed
681 Linux is more advanced, it has a command line. Period.
680 HTC has touchflo technlogy
679 5C looks like a toy
678 Indian buyers are conservative with their wallets
677 iTunes has always remained buggy and troublesome on windows xp
676 iPod is a mass hysteria
675 If it weren't for Microsoft, Apple would have closed down in 1998
674 Who is going to learn all these new gestures?
673 The magic mouse is not customizable to individual finger swipes
672 Half the features, half the size, double the price
671 QuickTime for Windows has serious security flaws
670 Wine is better than Bootcamp.
669 They just upgrade older products to finish selling their stock
668 Free is an Apple illusion
667 iTunes only plays 2 formats
666 Nobody uses the cloud in India
665 I won't buy Samsung phones anymore because that money goes to Apple
664 How is a white box better?
663 Rotten Apple
662 Moving from android to iOS, you will like you are constrained a lot
661 Apple didn't innovate retail shops, BMW has, Ford has, Maruti has, Pantaloons has.
660 Whatever an iPhone can do, an android can do it better, freely, and even wash your laundry while doing it
659 Apple's iPhone fever is not growing
658 You have to sacrifice a good GPU
657 I wish Apple realise the world is changing
656 Apple sues any profitable company
655 Apple wants to be the only innovative ones so they are suing everyone
654 20 features repeated 15 times for a total of 300 new features
653 India's blood sucker private operators are responsible for high prices
652 I hope iPhone 5 is a failure
651 Apple has given free publicity to Samsung, fools
650 How many fingers should I use?
649 Apple Kills Star Trek
648 Apple should sell their devices for cheaper
647 Steve Jobs has evil thoughts
646 Apple still uses dated technology
645 I don't like Apple's attitude
644 Samsung comes with many options for the user
643 In same price I get top class Android phone
642 1GB is too little space for Nano
641 India would present a logistical nightmare for Apple
640 Big deal, Windows will copy it in the next version
639 For the price of one Apple earphone, one can by two EP-630s
638 Greedy, blood sucking corporation
637 Apple planned to nuke unlocked iPhones with an OS upgrade
636 Unlocked iPhones will be priced at such a price that people will not even look at it
635 Microsoft is Angelina Jolie and Apple is Rakhi Sawant
634 Apple products are un recyclable
633 You can beat boredom by tinkering around with arduino
632 Don't be a slave of Apple products
631 Alienware stores :drool:
630 Apple's policies are not good for technology
629 Microsoft never advertises negatively
628 Android is growing at such a rapid rate that people will see the fallacy in owning Apple products
627 Apple is the biggest POS company I have ever come across
626 iPhone 5C looks too cheap even Lumia 520 looks better
625 Apple reccomends you have an Apple certified technician install memory
624 My Uncle's iPhone's Slide to Answer is broken
623 I Hate Apple
622 I wonder if we would pay Rs. 50 or Rs. 100 for one song
621 Samsung won patent case against Apple in Japan
620 Apple's support in India is not as good as US
619 You can backup your iPhone data either on your home PC or iCloud but not both
618 Apple looted Sammy
617 Who needs it anyway
616 Apple and Steve Jobs were both always Arrogant
615 Buying Apple earbuds for 1200 bucks is like buying Maruti 800 for price of SX4
614 You get nice products from Dell and HP
613 Apple issued 13 security fixes
612 Earbuds for 100 bucks sound better than iBuds
611 I am totally opposite to Apple Mac all products
610 Why not get a windows phone
609 Better buy Mi3
608 The upgrades are pointless
607 We have to use Safari
606 Other companies have patent wars but not as bad as Apple
605 iPod survived because Apple made it Windows compatible
604 Apple bribed jury members with iPhones 5 to win against Samsung
603 My iPhoto groans under my 5000+ picture collection
602 I am not an utter fool
601 Apple fanboys are hipsters
600 People act concieted using Apple products
599 Apple failed to make an earth shattering announcement unlike last year
598 Within 20 years Apple will be history
597 Macbook = pure show off
596 Indians are the most discerning users in the world
595 Apple's business strategy is objectionable
594 Steve Job's hair will grow again before he reduces the price of OSX
593 People only think iPhone is very simple
592 PC has more productive range of software
591 Samsung knows market much better than stupid Apple
590 I wish they were priced more sensibly
589 Piracy will be there unless the prices are affordable
588 iTunes has too many updates
587 A lawyer got Steve's Job
586 I hate Steve Jobs
585 Foobar is much better than iTunes
584 Apple copied galaxy player
583 Great to see so many people hating Apple
582 iTunes binds each iPod to a specific PC
581 Apple is the height of desperation
580 You want a real Tab, go Surface
579 Macbook cannot be tinkered with so easily
578 Apple's protectionist policies killed OnLive
577 LG's u990 looks just like the iPhone but it has far superior functions
576 People in India are not much used to iPad
575 People are not happy with Apple tax
574 Apple wants Indians to buy from the grey market
573 Apple said some notebooks may have battery issues
572 I don't like Apple at all
571 Simple things like mapping a network drive require writing a startup script
570 The Shuffle is useless
569 Apple's iPhones are evolutionary not revolutionary
568 You can't trasfer a document by simply copy paste
567 Developing for iTunes requires you to own Apple computers
566 India's FUP does not allow constant Net usage
565 Bill Gates donated so much to charity
564 HP, Compaq notebook can be operated by more people out there, that is not the case with Macbook
563 iTunes takes around 8 seconds to start
562 Apple users vote for Congress
561 What Apple makes in a quarter, MS makes in 2 weeks
560 I am a happy android user for the past 3 years
559 Stop speaking lame
558 Windows was and will always have a bigger OS market share
557 If you look, you will find better things than iPod
556 It's not worth waiting for
555 I don't know what is inside their gadgets that they price it so exorbitantly
554 I have got a mailbox full of this iPhone stuff so I've started hating it
553 The magic mouse is only for Mac users
552 Some guy got a copy of OSX and he aint thrilled
551 Their overpriced phones cannot keep up with Android, period.
550 Apple has conquered China's Wall
549 Don't fall for iPod branding
548 iPhone 5 is just an elongated iPhone 4S
547 It's just an upgrade in the processor, everything else is the same
546 A linux box requires no support.
545 I want to go back to an era before Android, iPhones
544 Apple claimed Android's API was actually developed by them
543 The Apple Logo is bitten off, don't use ort
542 I shall buy it when they put that Penryn in the Macbook
541 Macboys are ignorant, foul mouthed plebicits
540 Too bad Macboys can't fix software problems like we PC users
539 Use an iOS theme instead of getting into a restricted ecosystem
538 Apple makes you dumb in a crowd of people
537 iPhail
536 No use for PC users
535 You will shock everyone around you if you lug around a Macbook
534 Sales wise, Dell is still more than Apple
533 An airbook has a 3 ghz i5 which has been artificially crippled to 1.5 ghx. CRIMINAL>
532 iPhones are made by Apple
531 Apple devices have numerous constraints
530 C'mon Apple, give us better graphics in the Macbook
529 If you tinker with OSX a bit, it breaks
528 The magic mouse is heavy for a mouse
527 Apple's hype is all over
526 Apple makes products thinking what they make is best for the customer
525 Apple assumes people are dumb
524 Europeans are better at money management than Americans
523 Apple is childish
522 India was never the primary interest of Apple
521 Apple is struggling in Indian market
520 iOS 7 interface was copied from Android and Windows Phone
519 The only game you can play on Macbook is checkers
518 Apple is saying the same thing that Microsoft said while developing Longhorn
517 Apple is all about style
516 Indian streets are too noisy for iBuds, you will damage your ears by cranking up the volume
515 iOS users have to use what Apple wants
514 You have to invest heavily in Apple ecosystem
513 Macintosh steadily lost it's glamour with the invention of Windows
512 Im not a resident of US
511 Apple doing things that are not universally accepted
510 There are not simply enough Apple stores
509 The magic mouse is another overpriced good for nothing accessory
508 Apple seriously needs to get into it's senses
507 RIP iPhone 5 Lumia iz better
506 Flash MIUI on your supported phone
505 How hard is it to allow JAVA based apps on iPhone
504 Some people need to come out from under their rocks, there are phones that does everything the iPhone does
503 Jago people Jago
502 How come Apple plugs security holes when it is supposed to be perfect
501 Symbian has more apps than iOS
500 Samsung sued Apple over iPhone 5
499 Just because the product is 1 mm thick does not mean it is a super product
498 Android is Free
497 Apple had trademark dispute with HTC over "touch"
496 Apple devices are fragile fragile
495 Never liked Apple
494 I favor Symbian
493 Zune can play M4A
492 Android marketplace has more free apps
491 Simple tasks need 4 key keyboard shortcuts
490 Indian Banks don't have ATM cards that works on online pay
489 Apple thinks it is King, unfortunately it is just a minion
488 iPhone 4 does not get notification panel with the OS update
487 Don't hate the company, hate the people who buy their products
486 Apple cut off Google Voice from iPhone
485 Preview sux, for images
484 Apple was mean to MS
483 Apple didn't deliver a front facing camera over a software update
482 Apple don't use windows
481 What is net sans flash?
480 Touch Apple with a 10 feet pole and we see sparks fly
479 Apple (and Dell and MS) were caught modifying Wikipedia entries
478 Apple said it won't release a version of iTunes compatible with Vista
477 Apple was sued over iTunes monopoly
476 Apple downplays Windows
475 Crazy Apple
474 It would be better if MS just takes away MSN and Office support from Mac
473 iOS is for older people or children who cannot handle anything complex
472 Down with Apple and Microsoft
471 Apple's claim against Samsung was rejected by UK court
470 Get an atom netbook
469 You cannot play around it by rooting
468 The gaming library for Mac is like a microscopic bacteria compared to what is available for PC
467 Now the multimedia applications are not Mac exclusive
466 People rightly make sexist remarks against Apple
465 You need to pay $70 just to get a photo management application (iPhoto)
464 I wanted 3" screen, trust me you can't watch videos on a 2.5" screen
463 Apple takes away our privacy and we do piracy, Tit for Tat
462 Apple are collecting unsold iPhones from all around the world and selling them in India
461 Nobody buys 10k wifi router for home
460 Already Samsung crushing Apple and Sony catching up too
459 My TVSE mechanical keyboard is 1000 times better than this ugly apple keyboard
458 I don't see people buying an old iPhone 4 for 23k
457 Kill Apple fanbois with fire
456 Why is there so much hullabaloo in the media whenever Apple does something
455 Apple needs to make the ecosystem a little more open
454 :banghead:
453 iPhone was trashed in CNBC review
452 I hope Adobe stops Creative Suite for Macs and Apple will lose all its customers
451 Flatworld sued Apple over touchscreens
450 You cannot copy songs from iPod to computer
449 iPhone is made for rich kids only
448 Apple employees are stressed out
447 NTFS hardly corrupts
446 Apple crippled Samsung/Portal Player Chip capacity by restricting WMA
445 What use is a 4K keyboard that does not have ctrl alt del ???
444 Apple has progressed by making ads that makes MS look bad
443 Mac OSX can be used through VirtuabBox
442 I will not let India be a dumping ground
441 At least Google purchased an actual company instead of being a patent troll
440 Mac is mostly single user centric
439 The elites bask in the glory of higher refinements and aesthetics, but please allow us mortals to ponder over the functionality of the absence of the NumPad
438 Can they fix the video upscaling issue with a software update?
437 We can't mod Macs the way we want
436 I trusted a reseller and the product broke, don't want to trust them again
435 Android is famous in Asia
434 iPods don't have IMEI number
433 Even Apple charger is for 2.5k at the iStore
432 Steve Jobs was Anti-India
431 The idea of closed ecosystem makes me cringe
430 Apple is oversmart
429 Apple should be thrown out of a space shuttle during re-entry
428 Google is more reputable than FB, MS and Apple
427 You know what people can do for 20000 bucks
426 The Apple iPhone 5S slow mo video is not actually 720p
425 Google apps don't work that well on Apple
424 There is no internal file system, which even 6600 had
423 Asians don't like paying for apps
422 the iPads need to be tethered
421 Apple mail security flaw was reborn in leopard
420 I don't think spending 35k on a tablet is a good idea when you can get a better device at 25k
419 You can fly to Bangkok and back, get a massage, a bottle of imported whiskey and a phone for the price of an iPhone
418 Apple keyboard looks like a dinosaur age keyboard with a gold age price
417 This is a third world country
416 Nokia will break back with a vengeance soon
415 Till date I haven't heard much complaints about Windows OS
414 Not supporting Theory clearly smells of ulterior motives of Apple
413 VLC crashes while playing a video on Macs
412 Just look at the price tag
411 Due to sudden power cut, Mac OSX file system got corrupted
410 Motorola's patent portfolio is bigger than Apple's
409 Only hardcore Apple fanboys will buy the outdated phones
408 Siri does not work with Indian accent
407 These Apple and Banana keyboards are nothing
406 You need to jailbreak your phone to intall apps after a new official update
405 Their ultimate motto is $$$$
404 Vista runs fine on 4 years old hardware
403 Android is cheap
402 Apple works reminded me of Office XP
401 Apple made false claims about increasing market share
400 Samsung overtook Apple in smartphone shipments
399 I want a dual sim phone
398 There is no shortage of people in India who think owning an Apple will make them the coolest person on Earth
397 I actually don't buy from My local cafe, but go to Ching Chong cafe cause the burger there is 40 bucks and you get a hell lot more cheeze
396 How do you use Apple keyboard with spreadsheets
395 Anyone who buys Apple products is ignorant
394 Do you find any iPhone for 10K?
393 My personal choice, don't go for Zune or iPod, but a third party player like Creative or Sansa
392 I'm sure it's not reliable with all stuffed in the monitor theme
391 I don't use a Mac, so I don't care about this stupid Apple keyboard (stupid because of the price)
390 Some people regret buying the Mac
389 Customers are their least concern
388 iOS has pathetic restrictions
387 India's temperature is too high for Macbooks
386 iOS device shatter even with a single fall
385 iPhone 4 is slow with iOS7 update
384 Best alternative to iPhone 4 is Gionee Elife E6 at 20k
383 I have female friends who use custom launchers, which proves Android is not complicated
382 I was never a supporter of Apple's assertions and claims
381 Microsoft is going to start Microsoft Stores
380 iTunes was not available in India
379 Android has a variety of hardware
378 2005 era mobiles are more functional than iOS
377 I don't have to leave app and go to centralised settings manager to change settings
376 IMO its too much to pay for a bad cpu-gpu combination
375 Those who got the iPhone before price drop must be cursing Apple
374 Just because you bricked your device does not mean you have to hate custom ROMs
373 It is only intended to luxury people
372 Android is open source
371 They discontinued one of two models after just two months
370 The iPod touch and the iPhone cost the same
369 The keyboard is good from far and far from good
368 I hope Apple just vanishes from the face of the earth
367 Apple limited iPhone sales during christmans rush to prevent illegal trafficking
366 Keychain does not integrate with Firefox
365 Apple mislead customers in Italy
364 Apple products are overhyped
363 Google will soon sue Apple for Notification Centre in iOS
362 Apple calling Flash closed and propriety is like the Pot calling the Kettle Black
361 Android Master Race
360 iPhone 5C is basically plastic iPhone 5
359 Apple pushed anti-virus for Macs
358 All good apps are paid
357 Apple stopped sales of Samsung tablets in Australia
356 No drag and drop in folder navigation
355 Android is for power users
354 Can't sms easily with touchscreen
353 Apple is no longer the perfect company that Macboys think it to be
352 I don't think Apple will stand a chance against malware if it were as popular as Windows
351 Apple is APPLE and Moto is a US based company sold to Google
350 Apple cried about Samsung and Motorola's patent monopoly
349 Android OS is the best for a newbie
348 Apple tried to pull Microsoft's leg and they were doomed
347 Selling older phones is like beating a dead horse
346 iLoser
345 I don't think Apple sells it's headphones seperately
344 Apple is a cheap company
343 In the philippines they unlock each and every thing
342 iOS has no free app to read comic book archives
341 Apple's business tactics are the saddest
340 My iPod shuffle refuses to connect to PC
339 Apple OS has more bugs and problems
338 More than 10 million people have faith in the church of Scientology
337 We expected 5C at less than 30k
336 Apple employees suffer from Amnesia
335 The iPhone is selling bad
334 I like single window for single app, not paletted windows
333 Out of the box experience is better on Android
332 Safari's built in download manager does not support resume
331 Android is omnipresent
330 In Vista you can drag your gadgets to the desktop
329 Xoom >> iPad2
328 Mac is hardly social and used in corporate environment
327 Its bad but people will buy it because it is unique (stupid)
326 Apple is a business not a charity
325 People have to sell their kidneys to get an Apple
324 iOS is very crippled
323 Those who are professional will buy Windows Mobile 6 based on HTC PDAs
322 It is a work of art but it wont suit everyone
321 Waiting for sub 20k Honeycomb tablets
320 If they can pack in a phone into the form factor of a Nano I would surely buy it
319 Apple removed numpad from keyboard
318 You cannot do DTP work in Pages like you can in Word
317 After buying Apple products you have no money left over
316 Nokia won a legal battle against Apple
315 Apple is fragmented
314 Why Apple needs to send IMEI number through a stock widget
313 Mac has shortcomings
312 iOS is more pathetic than Nokia S40
311 iPad 2 = Meh, Nokia Ink Adam = Epic Win
310 Keynote is very low in power and features compared to Powerpoint
309 Its a bug with Apple, if there are insects in other's plate they will laugh, but if it is in their own plate they will say it is fine, no problem
308 Rooting is a piece of cake compared to jailbreaking
307 Dont sell your soul to get overpriced junk
306 In Vista or Ubuntu you can get file info by hovering over it
305 They are selling 3 years old generation iPhone 4 almost a fossil in technology up-gratis rush
304 Apple advertising is incessant bombardment of your senses
303 on Android, you can tinker to your heart's content
302 A normal graphics card won't work in a Mac Pro's PCIe slot
301 Apple secretly monitors personal data
300 The price difference between 8GB and 16GB models is too much
299 You can't add a folder to your left on the dock
298 Reliance bagged marketing and distribution deal for Apple
297 I don't have a credit card
296 If you miss widgets, download Yahoo widget engine
295 ICS = 1 code to rule both tablet and mobile
294 Apple was caught photoshopping lawsuit evidence
293 Mac never impressed me much
292 Two thirds say "no thanks" to iPhone
291 Apple is panicking and doing everything they can to stay on top
290 Apple loses iPhone name in Mexico
289 Apple selling old products reminds me of girls posting same photos as DPs to get more likes
288 Most of us don't work for CIA, KGB, RAW, so we don't care so much about security
287 Maybe they sell you a numpad seperately
286 -1 for iPhone
285 Apple's business is built on taking advantage of people with glitter in their eyes
284 iPhone dropped prices because they weren't selling according to analysts at wall street
283 Everyone knows Apple and everyone goes gaga over it
282 Get a life, Dude
281 iOS is like going from London to India via Tokyo
280 iPods touch explode
279 Apple seems to be winning against HTC too
278 High sales of Leopard just shows people really did not like Tiger
277 Apple thinks they own anything and everything that looks or resembles any product made by them
276 The S/C version phones are basically 2 years old
275 Apple needs to hire geniuses like me first
274 Always rot Apple
273 Apple is against open source video codecs
272 Curse those who buy Apple products
271 Angry Birds slows down in later levels in iOS
270 The mrp of Apple freaks out many
269 iMovie is shipped only with OSX, one has to pay hefty amount to use it with previous versions
268 Apple is for upper class users
267 Android caters to a large section of the world's population
266 Why reduce the prices if they are selling so well
265 Dashboard is not for me
264 Cost is a major setback
263 There are lots of rumours floating around regarding low battery life in iPhones
262 Apple sounds like Anu Malik, after copying they call it inspiration
261 N95 has better camera and gps
260 Many of the features of the new OS can be got through Jailbreaking
259 Urge is better than iTunes
258 Apple is dumping on us Indians
257 Apple products are like girl's clothing
256 A fool and his gold are soon seperated
255 The market has poor selection of apps
254 I resent every move by Apple
253 I don't think Apple is going to do anything big in India for years
252 Apple will get what it deservers
251 If apple does not bring new innovation/concept into the game instead of increasing screen size, it will become the victim of "no empire lasts forever"
250 MS follows policy of live and let live
249 Apple acknowledges issue with iPhone 6s battery percentage indicator - GSMArena blog
248 Apple knows what the consumer wants better than the consumer
247 The camera stick out of the phone
246 The antenna lines are very conspicuous
245 I do not like the minimalist aesthetics
244 The apps are not for for the new screen sizes
243 They stopped 32 bit apps from working on the store
242 Infinity Blade is no longer available
241 You cannot pirate a ringtone
240 They keep changing the release cycles
239 I don't know how to say "X"
238 The phones are not made for people who wear hot pants
237 I am Dolan frump, and I have small hands
236 The battery drains too fast
235 They tried to cheat us by making older phones die
234 Apple gives me too much battery diagnostic information that I don't need
233 Apple takes too much diagnostic information I do not want to give
232 The new iOS updates keeps breaking the phone
231 The OS updates makes my older phones slower
230 The phones are slippery
229 The build quality has come down over the years
228 The all aluminum phones are not that hardy
227 The front facing camera sucks
226 It costs over a lakh
225 It too heavy
224 You cannot one hand the Plus
223 The plus versions are not ergonomic
222 They have massive bezels
221 They ditched the skeuomorphic approach in the UI
220 Apple trains you to do things their way, instead of allowing you to do things your way
219 You need a credit card to download free apps
218 You cannot download applications without an Apple
217 It is like a double cost OnePlus
216 The belly button does not click anymore
215 iCloud is a mess
214 They introduced a Files app 10 yean too late
213 Setting up the phone takes too much time
212 Apple stuffs your phone with its bloatware
211 The widgets are useless
210 They got rid of the headphone jack
209 Apple is a dongle making company
208 need to get expensive airpods now
207 What if the airpods fall out?
206 Can I get one airpcd?
205 The airpods dont last very long
204 Airpods suck
203 The Jet Black colour suck
202 The Jet Black dour scratches easily
201 The battery can suddenly die on you without
200 The iPhone 7 emits a hissing sound
199 They just replace phones instead of repairing them, and some times your model is out of stock
198 They are water resistant, not water proof
197 You can never stop burning money at the altar of Apple
196 There is no wireless charging
195 It has the same resolution as last year
194 It looks like a phone that Batfleck could use
193 AirPods are not included
192 There is no warranty for water damage
191 It is so boring that my brain evaporated, rained down, got absorbed by the ground water and then evaporated again
190 Apple is required bylaw to care more about its shareholders as against its consumers or employees
189 Steve Jobs was a prick
188 Aluminimalism
187 Design should be invisible, not shoved down your throat
186 Their naming scheme is stupid
185 What is the deal with TouchlD?
184 What the screen compensating for?
183 There are so many models, but none for my requirements
182 FacelD sucks
181 Non of the unlock mechanisms are secure
180 You are totally compromised if someone knows your PIN
179 The buttonless experience is crap
178 iOS 7 is buggy
177 iOS 8 is buggy
176 iOS 9 is buggy
175 iOS 10 is buggy
174 iOS 11 is buggy
173 cannot downgrade to a previous version of the operating system
172 My 3GS is working perfectly fine; but will not
upgrade to iOS 11
171 The wireless charger is sold separately
170 The charging is slow
169 The wireless charging is so slow
168 I had to relearn everything after getting the X
167 How do you evan screenshot?
166 Status bar cannot be tweaked in X
165 I hate the ears as much as the Notch
164 Vivo makes better phones
163 Force Touch gives the wrong impression
162 Switching between apps is so tough
161 I hate the Notch
160 The belly button is a big part of the iOS experience, and they got rid of it
159 The battery fiasco
158 They stopped making the SE
157 The phones are made using Chinese slave labour
156 They stole patents from Qualcomm
155 The top range models are not made in India
154 I do not hate Apple at all, I hate myself for buying Apple products
156 The wireless charging is fast, but the components are welded to the back which is glass, so it has become very expensive to repair now
157 The app store curated content is getting repetetive
156 A lot of my favorite old apps are not getting any updates
155 iOS 12 is buggy
154 iOS 13 is buggy
153 Apple acts like a Diva
152 Jony Ive left Apple, so their designs are no longer cool
151 They were good in the start now droids are better
150 Iska dhakkan nahi khulta hai (cannot open the kid to access the battery)
149 Even a mugger won't steal an iPhone
148 Dhaga lagake rearview mirror se nahi lakta sakte hai (cannot hang it from the rearview mirror)
147 There are too many migrations for the devs
146 They make bizarre choices in their hardware design
145 My apple cables keep getting frayed
144 The old phones die unpredictably and leave you in the lurch
143 The operating system is not optimised for highly used batteries
142 It is too expensive to repair any physical damage
141 I already sold all my kidneys
140 At least don't make kids use Apple products!
139 It looks ugly
138 It is not a real watch
137 It cannot actually write on paper
136 The ditched the aspect ratio they championed, now they are as lame as everyone else
135 Apple makes too many regulatory demands
134 Apple is never serious about India
133 You have to check the box to see if the device is assembled in India or not
132 They do not give free earphones
131 They do not give free wireless earphones with their flagship phones
130 The new SE still has the belly button
129 Im confused between the XR and the SE
128 There are too many versions to pick from
127 It is not available in Jet Black
126 My old case is not compatible with my new phone
125 The phones are becoming thicker and heavier again
124 It's just a PDA, which were available since 1998
123 Most of their services are not available in India
122 There is a personality cult around Jobs
121 You have to invest in their whole ecosystem, which is too expensive
120 Apple works better with Apple Products
119 Mac works better with droids
118 iPhones work better with Windows
117 They kept iTunes around for too long
116 They pulled iTunes
115 They re-released iTunes
114 iTunes is still large, old and buggy
113 They push their cloud offerings too aggressively
112 The certifications program makes it confusing for consumers of accessories
111 https://vivaldi.com/wp-content/themes/vivaldicom-theme/video/vivaldi-app-slogans.mp4

002 Apple hires no consultants
001 Apple does not do market research
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Re: 1000 reasons never to buy any Apple products



The tweet by Samsung features a quote from the late Steve Jobs which reads, "No one is ever going to buy a big phone." Samsung then adds, "Guess who surprised themselves and changed their minds." The quote by Jobs goes back to July 2010 at a press conference held by the then CEO, to address issues that Apple iPhone 4 users were having.


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Re: 1000 reasons never to buy any Apple products

^ Is not it pathetic to quote a dead person?

Yup. Samsung is notorious to do that many times. That's why Samsung also comes in the category of Apple. Lol both of them. Childish wars.

On the other hand, that comparison of iPhone 6 with Nexus 4 wins All The Internet!


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Re: 1000 reasons never to buy any Apple products

Apple and Steve Jobs both were arrogant and always feared about compitition (I respect Steve Jobs, no offence OK) I wish Apple realise that world is changing, even once Apple said that India is useless market and they dont want to waste their VALUABLE TIME in India. Even samsung is not an Angel either, but they know market much better than stupid Apple


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Re: 1000 reasons never to buy any Apple products

Samsung comes with many options for the user, ultimately it assumes the user to be smart enough to judge & buy its own products. Apple on the other hand assumes people are dumb & makes products assuming what they will make is best for the customer , no other. I don't like their attitude
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Re: 1000 reasons never to buy any Apple products

I will, on it

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updated till 500


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Re: 1000 reasons never to buy any Apple products

Its a :shock: that the thread created by a guy who owned many apple product *pointing to avatar*


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Re: 1000 reasons never to buy any Apple products

Saw this on fb-

Apple iPhone6 in India
Approx Rs.65k.

Other option
Bangkok return ticket: 21k
Shopping: 14k
Savings: 17K
Come back to India and buy any Xiaomi mi3, MOTO G, Asus Zenfone 5, Micromax Nitro, Sony C, Nokia 720,

You still have 4k left for 2 bottles of Jack Daniels at Mumbai Duty Free


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Re: 1000 reasons never to buy any Apple products

Not sure if genuine thread or troll thread.
Re: 1000 reasons never to buy any Apple products

Should add "kitna deti hai?" to the reasons.

My local cafe gives me burgers for 60 bucks, screw McD for making it 76, and they forgot the lettuce too!
My local cafe gives me free ketchup and fries with it, but in McD I have to pay 100 bucks for fries wtf!
My local cafe is using frozen patties from ITC, while McD has their own recipe wtf McD!
My local cafe doesn't really invent recipes but simply "fork" it from a free writer, screw you McD for doing it on your own!
I actually don't buy from My local cafe, but go to Ching Chong cafe cause the burger there is 40 bucks and you get a hell lot more cheeze, screw you McD!

(meanwhile a club sandwich *cough*wp8 asks for people to try it at least before bashing it)


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Re: 1000 reasons never to buy any Apple products

Its a :shock: that the thread created by a guy who owned many apple product *pointing to avatar*

It is actually a good moderation. Put all your shits together in one place, rather than pooping in every apple thread.


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Re: 1000 reasons never to buy any Apple products

:lol: good one.

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[MENTION=56202]Anorion[/MENTION], what exactly was your intention by creating this thread? :D i did not get it:confused:

To find Apple haters one by one and handing them infraction vacations


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Re: 1000 reasons never to buy any Apple products

Apple traps you into their ecosystem, once you've invested in iTunes then it becomes difficult to switch.
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