“F*ck You, Google+”, An Adorable Song About YouTube New G+ Integration


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Some YouTubers are not pleased about being forced onto Google+ for commenting, and one girl took a stand in the cutest, most profane way imaginable. “You ruined our site and called it integration / I’m writing this song just to vent our frustration / F*ck you, Google Plusssssss!”

Personally, I think the shift to Google+ comments is a huge win. It will greatly discourage bullying and trolling, turning a cesspool into civil discussion. It will also let YouTube rank comments by popularity, and show you the most relevant ones from friends and celebrities.

But change is tough, especially for emotional kids. Remember “Students Against Facebook News Feed”? 750,000 people, or nearly 10% of Facebook’s user base at the time, protested the launch of the feature in 2006. Now it’s one of the most popular pieces of the Internet and the key to Facebook’s addictive nature.

YouTube has had its own commenting system since forever. It’s basic, and has become a haven for homophobia and racism, but some people just don’t want to adapt to something new.

Emma Blackery has some good points about the forced transition and other troubles in YouTubeland.

“If it was gonna work it would have happened by now / Maybe ask Yahoo to fix it somehow”

“No one gets videos they subscribed for / Video responses are dead in the water / You can’t leave comments unless you’re linked up / Can you please listen to us? / F*ck you, Google+”

Blackery admits YouTube probably won’t halt the march of Google+ comments across its service. Perhaps with time she’ll see the strengths of less anonymous discourse, but for now she just wants to know the search giant isn’t ignoring the convictions of its content creators.



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This song have gone viral. Saw it couple of hours before.

But this reaction mimics countless Youtubers, me included who are not happy with recent changes. Making Google+ integration compulsory just triggered their tripping point.


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i felt like i was forced to join G+ in the first place..i do not see the point of integration to G+ ..i was never interested in G+


seriously please somebody explain me why people whine for G+ integration into utube??
They just do, this is Internet remember? Apparently, wasting hours and hours on the internet isn't a waste time but creating a google plus account is :p


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i felt like i was forced to join G+ in the first place..i do not see the point of integration to G+ ..i was never interested in G+

same here...

Long back when first time in android G+ app came, it started syncing my photos to picassa without my permission.It uploaded my photos without permission.
Now after sync selection in options, its better.

Even then i hate G+.


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I think people are missing the point here.

People are angry that they need to make a G+ account to post a comment, yes. But that is NOT the sole reason why they hate the new comment system.

The integration of YT with G+ have made a lot of changes. Firstly now the top comments may not be the one which got most likes. Now it would be based on what "Google thinks are relevant". Like comments from our "friends" on G+.
For us, that also means no troll wars. :p

What about people who want to use Youtube, but Don't want to join Google+. This is just *forcing* Youtubers to join it at gun points.

Now, consider Youtubers plan to join G+ even if not at will. But guess what, for Youtubers who have more than one channel, they have to make "separate" Google plus accounts for the same. I would quote someone's rant here:
"Youtubers who have more than one channel for different projects (gaming, vlogs, random videos), we end up with like 4 G+ accounts, what account do we tell our subscribers to follow? If you select to have different names, without knowing what that means, you will end up with a personal G+ and a G+ named after your channel. I think I have 6 Google+ profiles now and it's insanely confusing on how to manage or merge all of them together."

I think this video explains this problem in a good manner: Why the new YouTube Google+ comment integration sucks - YouTube

This combined with other problems at Youtube of stopping buffering have made the lives of Youtube viewers who have a pathetic Internet bandwidth a nightmare. This sucks.



try this YouTube Center for Greasemonkey it has many options and it can return the previous youtube loading mode


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