1. Desmond

    Google officially ends forced Google+ integration

    I know it was already a failure, but.... Google officially ends forced Google+ integration—First up: YouTube Source: Google officially ends forced Google+ integration?First up: YouTube | Ars Technica
  2. Mr.Kickass

    Google+ officially splits into Photos and Streams

    (Source) I think this might remotely interest (or disinterest) Vyom :-D
  3. G

    “F*ck You, Google+”, An Adorable Song About YouTube New G+ Integration

    LTq8TrA3hb4 Source
  4. shreymittal

    ThinkDigit Forum community on Google+

    Guys Join ThinkDigit Community on Google+
  5. Desmond

    How to unlink my Youtube account from my Google+ account?

    I kinda connected my Google+ account to my youtube account and now I am regretting it, can anyone tell me how to unlink it again, I am unable to find it anywhere. Thanks Update : Disregard this. Figured it out.
  6. kisame

    Game developers giving up on Google+.

    EA, Wooga pulling games from Google Plus | Joystiq Looks like Google+ will go the way of DoDo before even competing with Facebook. What do you think???
  7. Garbage

    Google+ users in India to get free Wi-Fi access to the social network

    Source - Google+ Users in India Get Free W-Fi Access to the Social Network
  8. buddyram

    Social Networks join together to chide Google!!!

    Facebook, Twitter and Myspace engineers have devised a software add-on for browsers which negates the effect of Google's alteration of its search results to favour its own Google+ social network – with a piece of code they call "Don't be evil". This would surpass the google's search strategy...
  9. Neo

    Post your Google+, Twitter and facebook usernames

    I'm creating this thread so that we can get together on our favourite social networks. here are mine.... Google+ facebook twitter Share yours..................and add me..............:)
  10. socrates

    Hints for new Google+ updates spotted in site's codes

    Google's latest social networking experiment, Google+, is set for another series of updates. Hints of the new updates were spotted by a code junkie named Matt Mastracci, who was then trying to gain an early access to Google+'s new circle sharing feature and inadvertently came across what is...
  11. yomanabhi

    (How to) Get free invites of Google+ Plus

    Hey Guys, As google+ (g+) is launched recently. Everyone is very curious to try it. But sadly it not opened for public yet. But don't worry, you can get g+ invites from Generation X, As it is distributing g+ invites for free. How to get Google+ invites You simply have sign up on Generation X...
  12. KDroid

    Rumours of “Google+ Games” intensify as “Games Stream” found on help page

    Rumours of Google Games intensify as Games - Online Best Latest Price Reviews | Features in India Google seems to be making all out efforts to push its new social network experiment – Google+. The Internet is abuzz with fresh rumours of Google+ having a gaming feature. It's pertinent to mention...
  13. Tejas.Gupta

    Get a Google+ Username

    Get a username/nickname or i should say a kind of url shortener only meant for Google+ Google Plus Nick Nice isn't it :grin: Check out mine * get one for yourself too,it makes sharing your profile easy
  14. desiibond

    Share your Google+ usernames here please

    Mine: Amarendra Bandla and please do not post any requests for invites here.
  15. P

    All google+ related discussions here..the future is here!!!!

    Hey guys..since google is clearly on the right track with google + project, its gonna b a very big thing in the near future..please put all your discussions and queries here.. Thnks Rohit Paul The Google+ Project
  16. sygeek

    Google+ : Google’s new Social Network

    Google+ Is Google’s Social Network with Group Video Chat, Mobile Messaging, and Easy Sharing Sign Up For An Invitation Google+ Project: It’s Social, It’s Bold, It’s Fun, And It Looks Good I just wish it to be against the reasons of why I don't use Facebook, if it carries out those...
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