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Boo Hoo, scanned to no avail...

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Broken In

Since the past few days, Internet Explorer used to start up on its own, automatically. I rarely use it; I use Firefox. In the end, I just uninstalled Internet Explorer. Now a small window comes up, asking whether I want to connect or stay offline. Zone Alarm gives a regular message of spy-site blocking, this is the full message:

Blocked site name

I have got Zone Alarm; BitDefender; SpywareDoctor, Spybot Search & Destroy; I have already scanned with everything except the antivirus. Spyware Doctor gave three infections, but said that it was not able to clean one. Zone Alarm gave one infection, and cleaned it. But the problem is still there!

So exactly what has got into my computer? And how is it possible, after all these softwares standing in between?

Thanx for the help.


thats some spyware trying to open some website ..that is y IE starts on its own

check your startup...find the odd entry out...remove it (may b the entry or the file)

You can also rename the file from its location and confirm..

And the reason IE pops up and not firefox ,is coz your default browser is set as IE and not FF
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