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  1. Ironman

    I Cannot Find my Digit Subscription Code.

    I dont know where my digit subscription code is .... how do i find it ? where is it written ? HELP
  2. M

    Help Needed! Programming / Scripting

    Hi Everyone, I guess you could call me a novis, I have not been doing much programming / scripting. I use Keepass to run lots of scripts fo daily tasks that are repetitive, most of the scripts I have written for Keepass are about 2000 words / inputs long. Most of my scripts are the same...
  3. A

    how to know which headset is better?

    I need a headphone(on the ear) under 2k...and also is there a headphone which have surround sound and what will be its price...microphone is optional... and i dont understand the things that are written on it like impedance,senstivity,etc...(i am completely new in audio) so plz can anyone...
  4. suarezian

    Which is this graphic card?

    Hi. There is this graphic card in my cousin's pc. The pc is dell inspiron 580s. Only foxconn is written in the card. Please tell me the name of the card.
  5. K

    Please suggest something and help me..

    Sir,I am 25 yrs old.. I have 3.5 years gap between degree and MCA as i was admitted to engg course n i could not complete it . i attended syntel. i cleared written, technical. but in HR, she just checked year of passing and said that we will send results to ur college. she didnt ask the...
  6. sahil1033

    Help me with my cabinet's front panel cords to be fitted in the mobo !!

    I bought a new cabby, NZXT Gamma and I can't figure out where to place front panel cords into the mobo as there's nothing written over there plus I don't have my mobo manual as it came bundled ( Dell Vostro 460 ). Help please.
  7. P

    Confused about cheating of processor...

    I was at the lamington market to buy a pc for my friend cousin,i had got a I5 3rd generation cpu,the box had written i5 on it, but when i saw on the cpu itself it had got something of a pentium G series processor,,,i was shoked i refused it ,,i got then a a i5 pro written on the chip itself,,,i...
  8. kartikoli

    [Query] sapphire warranty claim on hand written invoice

    I am in process of finalizing the deal for sapphire GPU but the buyer have a hand written invoice so i would like to know if i will be eligible to claim warranty in future also where is the service center in lucknow
  9. B

    facing problems after installing gpu

    Hi! my cpu configuration is below-- amd athlon x2 260 3.2 ghz proceesor 4gb starlite ddr3 1333 ram gigabyte 78lmts2p motherboard iball lpe223-400 smps lg l1515s tft monitor as suggested by the other members ,i bought the 6670 1gb ddr5 today! but i have some questions-- 1.windows 7...
  10. curioustechy


    I recently bought a sony rewritable dvd (4.7gb). its written "1X-2X compatible." in the cover of that dvd.... it means that the disc can't be written at a speed above 2X - eh?.. now please suggest a software to write this dvd at 2x (i'm using power iso)
  11. R

    Why the 2nd Disc makes more noise?

    I have 2 CDs, each Ubuntu 10.04 burnt on it. The problem is when I insert CD 1 then it installs very easily but in CD2’s turn it takes more time, MAKES MORE NOISE, and has difficulty to copy files. Why it makes noise, choose appropriate option below: o CD 1 is written at low speed and CD 2 at...
  12. S

    Php query

    hai friends, i have written a code in php to output a data in my webpage by taking the data from mysql database. The data I want to be formatted as tabled output . I have written a html page which takes the employee id and furnish the details of that employee. please help me how could...
  13. M

    Different power ratings on my motherboard and CPU

    Hi I am not really sure of what I am asking here but its extremely important that I clarify this before I buy the system I am planning to. Basically, I am thinking of buying the motherboard msi 880gma e45 and along with it the Phenom II X4 945 CPU (AMD Phenom II 945) .... Basically the...
  14. A

    Why Lucknow isn’t the best place for practicing Geekery

    Re: Gaming PC for 35k @ keviv219 Jaskanwar Singh ico samy boy :D toad_frog09 cilus sorcerer etc(joh log bach gae) i too visit tdf but in invisible forum . :P this article is dedicated to you all written by my friend after we visited naza market http://harsh.vardhan.net/?p=20...
  15. patkim

    CD RW has become CD ROM!

    I have one CD-RW disk. I am now surprised to notice that various CD burning apps be it Nero or Magic Burner or Imgburn for that matter are treating this disk as CD ROM only. Preventing any write operations. Till now I must have done several rewrites and erase operations on it. Now even erase...
  16. hansraj

    Whats written in an unformatted new hard disk

    Guys I was just wondering what is actually written in a brand new HDD. We know that 0 and 1 written in all the sectors across the HDD makes our data worthwhile and random 0 and 1 is written by varios security agencies to wipe out the old data but what happens in case of a brand new hd. This...
  17. patkim

    Youtube - Thumbnail not seen

    Off lately I notice that when I go to Youtube, I no longer see the thumbnail of the video clips. I only see blank rectangle with duration of clip written at one corner. Is this how it is or some settings messed up at my end??
  18. G

    I got job!!

    Hi i got job in my campus placement depite my efforts to clear apti...i could not clear even one apti for about 17 companies...i struglled or donno luck...i could clear any of them in written...but only one company n shot!...it was online abt 150ppl wrote... 20 for written...7 selected for...
  19. rahul.007

    Does msi 790gx support thuban????

  20. R

    NEED some ideas

    i am a BCA 2nd year student and pursuing CCNP and i am passionate about networking. My plan is to complete CCNP and go for CCIE written by the end of this year. Is my decision correct and will it help me in getting jobs?
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