1. S

    Creative Inspire 2.1 2500 Issue

    Hi Guys, having issue with Creative Inspire 2.1 2500, the left channel is sounding very low, Also if the woofer is turned to medium or more then cannot hear sound from any channel but only hum from subwoofer. Can i purchase an 2.1 amplifier online to hook up the woofer and satellite...
  2. S

    Speakers in 2.5k

    Hi everyone, I want to buy speakers for my desktop. I want a externally powered one so that i don't have to waste a USB port on it. Also i want one with a woofer.
  3. B

    JBL CS1215 Subwoofer [Honest Review] for Car and Home audio

    Hello Friends, Today we will be reviewing a Simple, Budget Subwoofer that goes by the name of JBL CS1215 or CS1215B. I was looking for a Pocket friendly, Sealed Woofer for my car and home use. I found this JBL woofer for quite a bargain at around INR 4k. The Woofer came with Factory designed...
  4. H

    Portable Speakers for Laptop..

    I want speakers for my laptop along with woofer..Please Suggest me good speakers..Price is not a concern,but as low as possible :)
  5. mukherjee

    2.1 Desktop speakers within 3k

    My 5yr old Creative Inspire 2.1 2500 speakers died recently. Been going without audio hence.... Since I've been outta touch with the computing world for a few months...I need the help of you. Is there any decent 2.1 speaker system,from a good brand at around 3k? The satellites should have an...
  6. C

    Sub-woofer for MX5021

    I have my cousin's MX5021. The woofer is dead but the satellites work. As in, the woofer supplies power to the satellites and the controller but there is no sound. Got it checked with local electrician who repaired my other altec lansing speakers but he said he couldn't make it work. I have...
  7. bajaj151

    2.1 Audio System for Single Room

    1) Includes woofer 2) Good Bass 3) Within 2k
  8. S_V

    Onkyo HT-S3400 Home Theater Systems Overview

    [Onkyo HT-S3400 Home Theater Systems] : Overall Rating : 6.5/10 Rating 8.5/10 (Compared to Same League HTS) The Basic or Beginner Home Theater System from Onkyo which was recently launched. I am not a beginner for Home Theater Systems nor a first timer to mega sound systems. In my life...
  9. A

    philips spa5300 2.1 woofer not working properly

    hii..my woofer are not producing bass ..only distortion comes when it get bass signal..though the satellite speakers are working fine ..it uses philips TDA 8947J amplifier ic ...when i increase bass from window media player ,the satellite speaker sounds are suppressed...do any body know wts d...
  10. R

    Geeks,Help me to buy 5.1 speakers around 5k

    Hi Geeks. I m new here. I Hope that u all help me. I m going to buy 5.1 speakers for my pc. I searched net and found 3 Models. 1. Creative Inspire T6200 : 7.5 watt satelites x 18 watt center x 22 watt woofer 2. Logitech X540 : 7.4 watt satelites x 15 watt center x 25 watt woofer...
  11. A

    2.1 Speakers less than Rs.6000

    Hello Firends. I have a query regarding which speakers to buy. 1. Main Purpose >> High end gaming + BluRay Movies 2. Budget >> Rs.5500 3. two speakers with 1 Woofer i.e. 2+1 I have to buy this tmw morning, so please suggest soon. WAiting . Thank U :)
  12. M

    Searching for Creative sound card solution

    hi, i recently purchased a Creative Inspire MS3500 5.1 Speaker system for my PC. my mother board is Asus with AMD Athlon processor. The sound card driver is of Realtek. When i configure my PC for 5.1 music system it configures all five (3 at the back and 02 at the front) output jacks for...
  13. yrana2002

    5.1 woofer system for computer

    I have a philips 5.1(5 speakers + woofer ) system which i want to put in my computer. I bought an RCA to jack wire, however that wire is for a 4.1 system. using it, ive noticed a lot of crackling sound and irritating bass from woofers and speakers. Is the problem due to the 4.1 wires, or...
  14. saurabhpatel

    LG GM 200

    My father's friend works in LG. So I might be able to get this phone for as low as 4.5k to 5k. Are there any better options for 5k. Also I currently use my sister's Nokia 5320. So, can i expect a major dip in audio quality. 3G and Smart Phone functionality aren't a consideration (I hardly...
  15. esumitkumar

    Woofer not working in Philips 5.1 Speakers

    I have Win XP SP2 installed . I am having Acer 5500 with Intel 915GM motherboard. RealTek Audio AC97 drivers .... I am having Philips 5.1 speakers ...... I have updated all the newest drivers from Intel site as well as realtek ..My prob is that when I play any mp3 song woofer is not giving...
  16. confused

    Logitech Z5500 Not Powering up.... HELP!!!

    Hi guys, i have a Logitech Z5500 (2 months old). I usually leave it in the standby mode when not using it. But I had to go out of station for a few days, hence i powered it off, from both the mains, as well as the power switch on the woofer. But now, after i returned i found that its not...
  17. avi1708

    What's the difference between woofer, sub-woofer & dual-woofer ??

  18. gurujee

    Problem with my ATP3

    My ATP3 was running OK till yesterday. But today when I powered on the speakers, and played a movie, the woofer is full of distortion though the satellites sound perfect. Then I brought the bass level to zero, but still any sound from woofer is sounding like a wet tabla. I felt the bass is gone...
  19. pannaguma

    Hard Disk Crash Due To Vibrations ?

    I have been wondering lately if a HD could crash, by excessive vibration due to a woofer? I have a logitech X-530, whose woofer i have placed on the lower part of the computer table. Hence I am very wary of pushing it to high volumes. I have not read this anywhere, this is my own theory based...
  20. dOm1naTOr

    speaker make my pointer crazy...soln needed.

    I have a strange solution. Whenever I play some games or play movies, the mouse pointer goes crazy. My woofer was on same table's lower support. The whole table wud vibrate at high volumes. So i kept my woofer on floor and now also at high volume my mouse goes crazy duo to table vibration. Im...
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