Any aquarium enthusiasts?


Talk to the hand!!!

I have recently gotten hold of a 25 gallon cube aquarium. I am currently trying to initiate the cycling process.

I am planning to create a tropical Indochinese biotope to begin with. Lots of aquatic plants and a few schooling fish.

I was wondering if anyone here shares this hobby.

I also wanted help in locating some good aquarium shops where i could get all the accesories. Most of the local aquariums seem dangerously ill-equipped.


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That was my hobby until I got into the whole tech/internet madness. Used to spend all my pocket money buying fish and accesories while I was in highschool. Its an enjoyable hobby but there is a lot to learn. Otherwise you are gonna see a lot of expensive dead fish floating around everyday:D


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Where are you located, which will help most suggest where to get those great healthy stock.
I was way into this thing a lot but then that was way back 1991-93 when getting hold of gold fish was all you could do locally. Internet was not available then so you were onto you own .
Flushed a lot of dead fish then until learned a lot on my own. But this is as far as it goes.


Talk to the hand!!!
I live in Mumbai. I went on a trip to the famous Crawford Market. But folks over there are awfully unaware about fishkeeping.
No knowledge about Nitrogen cyle(many recommended to stock the new aquarium right away) No ammonia-nitrate testing kits, no availability of aquatic plants and frankly the fishes are kept in very poor condition.


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if you want good aquarium fish stocks in Mumbai, i would advise you to consider kurla East that is nehru nagar.You will find some of the best stocks there.I avoid crawford market as the fishes look unhealthy and are kept in a poor manner.

hmm are you looking for fake plants or real ones?
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