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  1. A

    What are the changes i will get to see if i switch to windows phone from android?

    This time i am thinking to use a windows phone.I have only used android phones in the past. I was wondering what are the new features i will get to see in the windows phone? What are the changes i will get to see if i switch to windows phone from android phone this time. I am concern about...
  2. P

    MSI launches new Intel ‘Skylake’ 100-series based H170/B150/H110 PRO Series motherboards

    MSI, world leading in motherboard technology, is proud to announce its latest additions to the PRO Series motherboards line, the H170/B150 and H110 based motherboards. With 30 models available in Mini-ITX, microATX and ATX size, the new MSI Z170/H170/B150 and H110 PRO Series motherboards are...
  3. I

    Can I Install Windows 10 on Lenovo G500S?

    Hello Eveybody.. Can anybody tell me how to install windows 10 on lenovo G-500S laptop without any problem. The official lenovo site says windows 10 is not supported on G-500S. I had my RAM upgraded to 4GB when i purchased the laptop. Thanks
  4. G

    Windows 10 installation stuck at blue logo(no spinning dots)

    All, I downloaded windows 10 ISO(I purchased it) file and created bootable DVD and USB using Rufus. I want to install windows 10 in one of the system which had corrupted windows 7 in SSD(No data or nothing is required) My system config is below Intel i5(4th gen) Gigabyte Z87 D3H(which has...
  5. B

    Windows xp administrator password

    Hi Guys, A friend of mine has forgotten his Windows XP's password. Is there any way to login without formatting? Thanks
  6. S

    Laptop Screen Flickering Post Win 10 upgrade

    Hi all, I recently upgraded my Dell Inspiron 5420 from the pre installed Windows 7 to Windows 10. About a week after the upgrade I have been facing these random instances of screen pixalation and flickering. The duration is also variable (max about a minute or so) and then the display becomes...
  7. D

    Help me change font colour system tray clock? Windows 8.1

    It happened after I tried windows 10 transformation pack for 8.1. Uninstallation didn't help. Thanks.
  8. Cyberghost

    An update for Windows is rendering many older game discs unusuable

    Microsoft has released a security update for Microsoft Vista 7 and 8 that will stop game discs that use Safedisc DRM from working. This was already the case for Windows 10, which also doesn’t support discs running SecuROM, but these games were previously still usable on systems running...
  9. patkim

    Any alternative to Windows Built-in file/folder search?

    The built-in file/folder search in Windows 7 seems quite inconvenient to me! I feel search in XP was much better user friendly. Has anyone tried any third party alternatives? I would like to opt for one preferably freeware. Pl. suggest. Thx.
  10. IronCruz

    Regretting for gifting Windows Phone

    I gifted my aunt a Windows Phone Lumia 540, because i didnt find any good phone in that price range in android, as Moto G2 and Asus ZF5 both were only available online. I didnt want to purchase a Chinese phone because i dont know where to go for service if any problems occur. I feel very regret...
  11. W

    Unable to game after 5-10 minutes of gaming

    Hi, I have recently updated from Windows 8.1 Pro to Win 10 Pro and am facing some issues while playing games. For the first 5-10 minutes the games run fine but then suddenly the FPS starts to drop, and at one stage the game becomes unplayable. If I restart the game then I can play it fine again...
  12. IronCruz

    Voice recording app for Windows phone

    I'm completely new to Windows phone platform. I was looking for a voice recorder. But I couldn't find default app that is usually seen on android. Is there any default app or do we need to download thirty party app? Can someone tell me user friendly yet really good voice recording app?
  13. Cool Buddy

    Windows Update woes

    I have just spent a whole day trying to update from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 and ended up with Windows 8 on my laptop! Please bear with the long question. My laptop, which I had previously updated to Windows 8.1, had slowed down considerably and it was also not showing the upgrade app for...
  14. savithk

    windows phone - bigger screen

    hi guys please advise me.... i am confused iam planing to buy windows phone should i go for NOKIA LUMIA 1320 or LUMIA 640XL ????
  15. Desmond

    Windows 95 is 20 years old.

    Happy 20th birthday, Windows 95!
  16. S

    Need help to choose between Z5170 and G5080 (Windows 10 laptops)

    Hi all, I have shortlisted this two laptops - G5080 Lenovo G50-80 Windows 10 Laptop Online AND Z5170 Lenovo IdeaPad Z51-70 Windows 10 Laptop - Buy Online. This laptops come preloaded with Windows 10. Please help me to choose one of the above, and please explain the reasons too. Using it for...
  17. D

    Frustrating windows 10

    I formatted my entire hdd and installed windows 10 on my laptop. But at random instance the taskbar, startmenu freezes and i have to hard restart. Normal restart would just led to infinite loop. Everything is updated. Sometimes a notification appears "Microsoft process is not...
  18. C

    Light Video Editing Computer within 70K

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? Ans: Light photo, video, and audio editing. Watching full HD movies. Software I'll use - Adobe audition for audio editing, Cyberlink Power Director 13 for video editing, and Photoshop for image editing. No gaming at all. I wont be doing heavy video...
  19. R

    updating my windows 8.1 tablet to windows 10

    I have notion ink tablet running windows 8.1 ming preinstalled. I had upgraded to windows 10 home edition which is a free offer from microsoft. After upgrading i found that windows 10 updated some drivers without asking(that is a new feature of windows 10 whether you like it or updates will be...
  20. Cyberghost

    Report: Games with SecuROM and SafeDisc DRM won't run under Windows 10

    We found out earlier today that Microsoft, through Windows 10, can disable pirated games (specifically, Microsoft games) on your PC. In light of that, it's a bit ironic to learn, according to Rock, Paper, Shotgun's translation of a Rocket Beans TV interview with Microsoft's Boris Schneider-Johne...
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