Can't able to see video in WM Player9

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Kaushal Hiwarkar

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Hello friend's I am not able to see videos in WM player 9. I can listen sound but no video. Same file when i open in some other Player (PWDVD, WInamp, Jetaudio, etc) I can see video as well as music .
Plz help me


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Kaushal Hiwarkar said:
Hey wish I can listen music not able to see picture/video OK
...sorry I read it as I can see Video but no sound... same like in Masala soda to Masala dosa thread >>>> I must go for eye checkup now seriously

refer choto's link


is NOT a PC/Mac
Kaushal Hiwarkar

Kaushal Hiwarkar

Be Healthy, Keep Smiling
Yes Chota Cheeta I refered to that link I have both K lite & VLC installed , I can see video in both player. But not in WMP 9,

Net007 I have upgraded my WMP 9 to both WMP 10 & then 11 but no solution.

Debsurva I think u r right ,there are some problems with settings in WMP 9, but what is that I don't know. Now I have decided to format my system.

Choto Cheeta

debsuvra said:
@ Choto, That is a great post in your blog. BTW I want to ask that if Hiwalker can see the videos in other player in same PC, then the codecs might be installed naa ? If not then how can he see the videos in other players ?

Just to make it clear...

You have a Clean installation of Windows XP SP2 with default WMP 9 and just video / audio drivers...

Can you play DVD video ?? No... WMP 9 Cant play without a codec pack or 3rd party plug in... now suppose you installed Power DVD or WinDVD... Now Can you play DVD ?? yes, Power DVD can but not WMP unless u add the power dvd, DVD decoder to it (usually with latest version they get added automatically)... So unless you have a proper codec, even though a 3rd pary player can play a certain video, but default WMP may not :)

Kaushal Hiwarkarvv said:
Now I have decided to format my system.

Before a format, there is still SFC /Scannow and system restore option available

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