1. Patriot

    how to format the c drive completely??

    guys, i just want to know how to format my c drive completely without using the winxp cd, when i had the fat32 file system b4 i use to boot frm win98 cd and format. This type of format completely removes all the files etc frm HDD. but now as i have NTFS file sys now i cant boot frm win98 cd, i...
  2. *GandaBerunda*

    how to dual boot vista and win98?

    I am currently dual booting my computer with vista ultimate and win xp. I also want to install win98 as it is easier to use the parallel port in it and also for many other reasons. Can anyone tell me if its possible?
  3. H

    connect vista-win98 or winxp-win98 with cross cable

    Hi, I have an laptop which has vista home preloaded, and I have a PC which has Win 98. Now I cannot install vista/xp on win 98 desktop as the software that we use for office work cannot print correctly in vista/xp as printer is dot matrix printer and their are lot of problem with custom page...
  4. satyamy

    How to get data from Virtual PC ?

    I was having a PC in which Vista Was installed and I have used Virtual PC to Instal Win98 in it due to some reason Vista got corrupt now the files of virtual PC (VP) is saved in D drive of around 400mb I have created 2 drive in VP C and D and I have save some files inside in Win98 in VP in...
  5. S

    need sme hlp about 9300i

    i need yahoo n msn messenger for 9300i where from i ca get them. i listn that its possible 2 install win98 on it tru??? if yes thn how i can...thanx
  6. A

    System Hangs on using USB device

    Hi, I am having a p4 based pc using intel d845gvad2 mobo. on 2 seperate partitions of the hdd i have win98 & win-xp installed. whenever i tried to attach a pen drive or mobile on a usb port, the system hangs. i tried to use the pendrive by installing appropriate drivers in win98 also but the...
  7. Jags

    create multi-boot cd ??

    how do i create a multi-boot cd for win98, win2k and winXP ?? :confused:
  8. I

    microsoft windows vista only in 1.4 mb???? Fact or Ficton

    please visit this site: * if vista can be compressed so,why win98 and xp is not available in copressed form.....
  9. enticer86

    Windows98 problem

    Hi friends, heres the prob Recently i tried to instal win98 again, after formatting Xp n all... just wanted to use it fr a while Now I am the person who uses ONLY genuine softs and although windows were reinstalled in 10 mins or so, i was unable to use IE I cudnt even update the IE, getting...
  10. I

    immediate help need

    when i install win xp i do not see anything on monitor....plz help...and in win98 monitor need driver for belina monitor.
  11. *GandaBerunda*

    Lock internet explorer homepage

    as i am not the only one using my computer...i want to lock IE Hompage and other settings so tat nobody changes ddo i do tat? i am using windows xp (ie 6.0) + win98 (IE 6.0<)...i want to lock for both the os'es....
  12. Kaushal Hiwarkar

    Window display fatal Error during startUp

    I am a computer sales man. I am facing a problem during Win98/ XP installation. The problem is that whenever I tried to install Win98/ XP in any system , after the complete installation, when the system restart It display FATAL ERROR. But when I restart again (one or three times ) all goes...
  13. satyamy

    Harddisk Bad Cluster Error.......

    I was using 40GB HDD, running WinXP from last 1 year but frm last 1 months my computer freezes in middle also I got start error while starting my PC the error getting frequency was getting faster & faster day by day & One day fromatted my PC, but i was unable to install WinXP on it while...
  14. I

    Is it possible?

    I have four partitions on my hard disk. I have WinXP SP2 on D and Win98 on C.can I format my C drive and reinstall Win98 on it, without affecting anything on the D drive including winxp? How will i start my win xp? Any suggestion?Thanks in advance.
  15. ajin115

    win98 error

    When i starts win98 i am getting an error like this ( The C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\WININET.DLL file expects a newer version of Windows. Upgrade your Windows version. ) So how can i repair this problem no program is working except firefox.
  16. Chetan1991

    Making XP 95Compatibe

    Plz help! Is there any software that can make XP compatible to programs which ran on Win95?I have FF VII which runs on Win98 but not on XP.I've tried compatibility mode also,but it doesn't affects a bit.
  17. Ganeshkumar

    Connecting 2PCs using Modem?

    Hi.. Is it possible to connect my WinXP & Win98 PC using their Modem for file sharing ?? Without connecting it to internet? Is there anyother simple way ? I dont have lan port in my win98. Waiting for re guysss
  18. N


    OK To cut a long story short, how do I replace this file in win98?
  19. V

    Connecting Data Cable to PC.

    Hi ! Masters, I want 2 connect Nokia 6680 with data cable,to My PC Having Win98. do u have any trick of that. thanxxxxx
  20. int86

    What was that

    As always i switched my Pc. It has two XP and one Win98 partition. I usually I work on firsrt Xp partition. After welcome screen I saw blank screen with mouse pointer only. Several attemps to boot in both Xp partition failed, then I tried Win98 with sucess. when I restarted everything was OK...
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