1. J

    DVD to WAV format conversion

    Hi, How to convert DVD to WAV ? Which is the best free software for the same? Whether SQ maintained? Regards,
  2. G

    Best PMP for Lossless audio

    Hi, I have hue amount of FLAC and WAV music. I looking for a portable music player which have below 4 feature 1. must play FLAC and WAV ( apple loss less may be?) 2. great battery backup 3. Great sound quality 4. not ipod 5. video also added advantage Budget 12K Any suggestion? Thanks Sandipan
  3. S

    Text to speech reader

    Hi, I want a text 2 speech converter with support for reading pdf files and saving to wav or mp3 audio formats. Suggest to few names. Thanks.:grin:
  4. esumitkumar

    wav vs mp3 ..which is best ?

    Frnds As we all know by the invention of mp3, wav format has become obsolete. but still if u hear CD sound its very crisp and clear compared to mp3..my q is that does CD still have better quality than mp3 ? i am a big fan of rammstein , i have all the mp3s of them but was wondering whether its...
  5. fakkadbaba

    Help : Powerpoint Show

    Please guide on the following aspects:- 1. What does 'embedding' mean, and how to embed a wav file in powerpoint show? 2. Can a wav file be embedded without the 'sound' icon? 3. How to delete/remove a pre-embedded wav or any other file from a pps? 4. If a pps can be opened in 'read...
  6. B

    Read text is easy for us. but for com?

    Is there a software that can read text and save it as sound file(.mp3,.wav etc.....)................???................???
  7. S

    converting mid to mp3/wav

    Hi guys, I have some music files in .mid format. I wish to convert them to mp3 or wav format. Is there any freeware which converts mid files to mp3 or wav format? I have downloaded some mid to mp3 convertor, but all of them are shareware, trial verson. Pls suggest me some free software...
  8. M

    How to make Good quality WAV ringtone ?

    Hey friends, I want to make WAV ringtone.......its should be upto max.1mb and also its should be of superior sound quality. neone knows how to do that ? which software is best ? Kindly reply........ Thxx in advance. Regards, Manoj
  9. bkpeerless

    how to rip fifa 2007 songs !!

    is there any way to rip fifa 2007 songs and convert them to mp3 or wav so i can hear them when i want
  10. iMav

    Create Virtual Bands With Kompoz.com

    New online resource for musicians, Kompoz, has launched a platform for music collaboration online. The website works has social networking tools and technology to enable musicians including garage bands, independents, and professionals to create, collaborate, and mix their music online...
  11. M

    text to speech software need,have to save as WAV

    hi dears, i m need to get a good text to speech converting software to make own wav files. pls help thanking u
  12. techtronic

    Is There a Mobile Phone that supports WAV Audio Format ?

    Most of the multimedia phones support MP3,AAC,eAAC+,WMA,RAM But I was wondering whether there was any phone that supports WAV Format
  13. S

    How to Convert Mp3 to WAV

    Hi, Am having Nokia 3230, is there any software to convert mp3songs to wav, so that i can use as ring tone.. Regards Saran
  14. huzaifa b arab

    Is there any way to remove sec limit for XP startup sounds..

    Hi guys, Hey can ne budy tel me how 2 change the play time limit of a wav file to be played on windows XP startup. I wanna play a 35 sec wav file, but unfortunately it plays only a part of it. Also can it be replayed a desired no.s of times. Also is there any way to play mp3's at startup????
  15. J


    I have Ngage Qd Brand mobile. after installing laud wave application on my ngage, my ngage give alarm in every 5 minutes help me. procedure of installing wav loud: 1. the installer have 27 wav files and have 2 txt files names tclock.txt 2. copy that all to on mobile using fxplorer...
  16. J

    alarm beep in 5 minutes interval, virus

    I am facing new problem on my ngageQd, once i search a forum which tells for loud wav on my cell and the procedure of this software copy some wav files on c:\nokia\sound\digital\newfolder and which names given by owner manufacture and 2 txt files naming tclock.txt and other, after copy and save...
  17. A

    help me...

    i downloaded a movie file of 450 MB in.wmv format.when i played the movie in windows media player,the frames of the movie were moving very slowly at 1048kB/s.i downloaded another wav file of 50 MB. i was running ok at 480KB/s. plzz tell me how to play the wav files properly with good frame...
  18. S

    player with line in support????

    Acually i want to play my guitar using a peak on my system(acoustic not electric).......... for that i need a software that is capable of playing from line in.......... most of the music players like winamp and windows media players play only files....... i.e. mp3 and wav and what not...
  19. A

    Coneverting MP3 to WAV tones

    I want to convert some short clips of MP3s into WAV with decent quality. can anyone tell me a proper way and what setting shud be there to get optimum quality. Also I want a good cutter(mp3 naturally) :wink: waiting for response
  20. tinku dhar

    NEed the software!!!!

    hey here, can any one tell which software to download for the mp3 to wav coverter plz help guys ........
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