how to rip fifa 2007 songs !!

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Umm.. Well, you could use any mp3 recording software from here which records whatever passes through the soundcard...

That way, start recording on that software and fire FIFA07... When the song you want starts playin... don't move any keys or move your mouse. When the song stops....quit FIFAA07 and stop the recording..

Then use audacity or whichever software you prefer and clip the unnecessary parts from that mp3.


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Thts the similar way i had recorded NFSU2 songs.
you can use Audacity itself for recording. And there some sound setting in Windows that u need to change.
i m not on pc now but i think in sound control panel u need to enable stereo as recording mode. u must chk by double clicking on volume icon then goto Properties. there u must find that setting.


jus copy the 2 files, sx.exe and ex.bat into the audio folder in ur fifa directory and run ex.bat
dats it!!
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