1. R

    [Req] Suggest good & freeware MIDI to WAv converters.

    can anyone plz suggest some good and freeware midi to wav convertors. I need them for my sis's project.. otherwise tell me how to embed .midi files into a powerpoint presentation... plz help :( :( :(
  2. V

    NOKIA 6820...Does it play MP3 and Wav files???

    Hi Guys Wanted to know whether Nokia 6820 plays Mp3 and wav files. Can we save songs on Nokia 6820?
  3. A

    MP3 to WAV or vice versa

    Hey guys do u know any free mp3 to wav converter having some edit option to lower down the wav setting............. If any then suggest waiting abhinav :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
  4. I

    wav + avi join

    wat r d best softwares available 2 join a wav n avi (divx) together ?
  5. C

    Converting Ringtone Formats (Exclusive)

    I have seen many users asking how to convert tones from one format to another so here is the info to convert tones from one format to another and also to make your own tones. Wave 2 MIDI:- Wave files can be converted to MIDI but there are some limitations.Only one instrument can be selected...
  6. A

    attachement not working

    hi there i use sifys unlimited internet.now a days i am facing some problems attaching word doc to e mails.the attachments of other types like pic ,pdf ,wav get attached but .doc doesnt work . first i thought it is not working with yahoo.but its is not wrking with indiatimes and...
  7. H

    need a software....

    hi there.... i need to convert a wav file to a mp3 file. i recorded the wav file thru jetaudio...pls suggest a software which can convert wav to mp3... hearthacker
  8. rakee


    If any1 have the music tracks from NFS Underground PLEASE send em 2 me...or else help me out how can i rip them to mp3 or wav or anything playable
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